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OpenSeas / Custom Prize Giver 3.2 / FishFinder Gizmo

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2008, 00:14
by Seven Shikami
Okay, let's expand here on what I briefly mentioned in the group notice we issued tonight.

* The OpenSeas Initiative is now underway... a full suite of Creative Commons software you can use to implement not only your own custom OpenFish, but also OpenBlueprints and even OpenAquarium backdrop graphics. We'll be adding to this over time, as 7Seas becomes more and more YOUR game, not just OURS. Custom work is what makes your fishing area unique and gives you an outlet for creative experession! Can't wait to see what you folks do with this. If you need help from your fellow fishers in using these new tools, visit the OpenSeas forum here on our website!

The OpenSeas kit is, at the moment, only available in Fishing Area Kits and in the recent group notice's attachment -- but it's free software, and we're going to have a more permanent free distribution method soon. Also, you can always bum a copy off a friend who owns a fishing area if you don't. It's perfectly legal.

* Custom Prize Giver v3.2 is now available to fishing area owners. At the moment this is a passive update -- you'll want to wear your Proof of Purchase, click on it, and get a new Fishing Area Kit to find your CPG 3.2. We'll be making it a mandatory upgrade after the holidays to bring the other fishing areas up to speed... you've got the INSIDE SCOOP on this by being a follower of 7Seas news!

(Use of our new OpenBlueprints requires CPG v3.2. Yet another good reason to upgrade now!)

* The new craftable FishFinder Gizmo is in the waters! This device lets you scan for nearby fishing areas, and nearby CPGs (version 3.2 only... see how that works? You'll wanna upgrade soon!) If it finds a compatible CPG, it'll actually inventory all their catchable items for you! What a handy gadget! We'll have more craftable goodies coming soon, so stay tuned...

Re: OpenSeas / Custom Prize Giver 3.2 / FishFinder Gizmo

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2008, 21:43
by Rizzyd Ragu
I know the rod software is a protected property. something you want to keep and hold close, but is there someway you can provide something other that the invisable rod to make all of the absolutly amazing rods workable? People who use them tend to forget they are there and just remove the visable rods. :?:

Re: OpenSeas / Custom Prize Giver 3.2 / FishFinder Gizmo

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 08:59
by Seven Shikami
Invisible rods are still mod-OK. People can change them to look like anything, including visible objects, or attach them to other points on their body, etc. You could mod yours to be a fishing hat and then wear it when you fish.

The only alternative is to have some scripts you can dump into any object, but that'd mean setting them transferrable -- which is a security no-no. We had too many problems with rod duping and other issues in the past with transfer scripts, and our website-fishing-account mentality doesn't jive with it, either.

Re: OpenSeas / Custom Prize Giver 3.2 / FishFinder Gizmo

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 10:15
by Rizzyd Ragu
I kind of figured that was the issue, I should have stated it more of a wish than an actual request. Its a shame it has to come to that. what ever happend to Honesty is the best policy?

Re: OpenSeas / Custom Prize Giver 3.2 / FishFinder Gizmo

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 12:17
by 7Seas Sass
There's another good reason to keep the invisible rods as separate objects, actually: this way, the custom rod builders out there can work without worrying about if or when we ever update the rod code.

So if/when we ever do, people can start using their new version of the invisible rod and all the custom rods they own will continue working just fine.

If we did it any other way, the custom rod builders would have to deal with upgrading, customer support for the upgrade, etc... that's pretty agonizing to contemplate! At least this way it's our problem. ;)