Fishiversary: The Party Next To The Party

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Fishiversary: The Party Next To The Party

Postby Seven Shikami » 13 Mar 2009, 18:42

Thanks to our AWESOME community chipping in the L$, we've got ANOTHER Fishiversary sim for you to enjoy! Directly north of Osmium is an overflow sim which has many of the same customs you can catch at Fishiversary in a simple no-nonsense fishin' island. Amazing work, community! Simply amazing!

Donators were: April Conn, Rodney Smit, Jolt Tank, Marion Whiteberry, Kattgrl Timeless, Clint Silvercloud, Kitsune Lassiter, Gooden Uggla, Sammie Otoole, and Alice Xue!
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Re: Fishiversary: The Party Next To The Party

Postby Amara Twilight » 16 Mar 2009, 01:30

That's really awesome of everyone. I'm sorry I've missed most of it by being really sick :( otherwise I'd have donated a cpg also. ^_^
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