Fishing Outage 4/16 (Resolved)

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Fishing Outage 4/16 (Resolved)

Postby Seven Shikami » 16 Apr 2009, 17:17

Darn it! Here we are gearing up for a big release and the servers melted down. We're looking into it, folks -- meanwhile hold off on fishing and buying items, because they will not likely be delivered. For assistance contact 7Seas Sass, as always. We'll post to the forums and change the MOTD when we're all clear.

Update: Our system administrator is currently unavailable -- we've left email and a cellphone message. I'm pretty sure once he gets back this'll clear up right away with a reboot of the server, but I don't have an ETA of when that'll happen. So hold back on fishing. Thanks for your patience. I'll post again here when I have more.

Update #2: The problem is fixed and measures are in place to prevent it from happening again. Yahoo!
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