3.3 Updates + Ducks!

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3.3 Updates + Ducks!

Postby Seven Shikami » 16 Apr 2009, 19:11

Spring is here! The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the sun is bright, the fishing gear is updated, and the ducks are squeaky!

Here's everything new and shiny you need to know about.

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DUCKS! -- We've got ducks! Returning fresh from their exclusive availability at Fishiversary, these little yellow rubbery pals are ready and waiting for you to catch them. The ducks are all shoulder pets, which make squeaky noises when clicked!

The following ducks are now available to catch:

* Common Stuff: Baby Duck
* Uncommon Stuff: Cap'n Duck
* Rare Stuff: Aviator Duck
* Rare Stuff: Punk Duck
* UltraRare Stuff: Cyber Duck
* UltraRare Stuff: Stitched Duck
* SuperUltraRare Stuff: Ninja Duck

><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*>

FISHING ROD 3.3 -- New versions of our fishing rods are available! To get an update kit, simply wear your old rod. Inside you'll find your new rod (as well as some GREAT Frequently Asked Questions we recommend you review, even if you're an experienced fisher).

Wear your new rod and start using it! If it says you have no account set up, simply send an IM to 7Seas Sass, our support representative and tell her your XP and Bait from your old rod.

What's new? Glad you asked:

* AutoCasting! That's right, an official, lag-free, nicely balanced AutoCaster is now baked right into your fishing rod. No need for a repeating gesture or a security-hole using third party HUD! (HUDs won't work anymore, anyway.) Note that some fishing areas may choose to disable this feature.
* Frequently Asked Questions, in various languages! (Coming soon: Portugese, German, and more. Watch group notices!)
* Bait remaining indicator embedded in your casting message!
* Integration with your Oceanography Database for "AutoDecline Marked", so you only get fish you haven't caught yet!
* Optional ability to turn off Casting Messages ("You cast for a fish" "You caught/missed")
* New OpenSeas hooks for developer use.

<*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))>< <*)))><

OCEANOGRAPHY DATABASE 3.3 -- Whoa, we just made the OD less stupid! To get an update kit, simply wear your old database. You CAN transfer your marks from your old database to the new one this time, hooray! See instructions in the kit.

All sorts of new stuff here!

* HUD version! Yep, you don't need to wear the wacky gizmo anymore in your left hand! (You can if you want to -- both versions are included!)
* Browsing interface is more streamlined for quicker browsing -- A-Z skipping, searching for fish by name, etc.
* Transferring marks from one database to another! Tired of using the gizmo? Transfer your marks to the HUD version, or vice versa!

><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*> ><(((*>

LOCAL FISH SERVER 3.3 -- This is an OPTIONAL! update. It adds a feature to let you block the official Rod 3.3 AutoCaster. (Note nothing can block AutoCast gestures, note.)

Fishing area owners, if you'd like to upgrade your servers to add the AutoCast blocker, or just to future-proof them (we may make this update mandatory in the future), rez your Proof of Purchase and click on it to get a new copy of the kit. You'll find the 3.3 servers inside. These will not be automatically pushed out to you, since it's an optional update.
From the workshop of Seven Shikami, Official 7Seas Code Monkey.
For technical support please contact 7Seas Sass by IM in Second Life.
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