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FAQs in Other Languages

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2009, 13:54
by Seven Shikami
Fishers! Want a notecard that explains common problems and solutions in your native language? Fishing area owners! Want to help us support international fishers? Check the group notice attachments in our "7Seas Fishing" or "7Seas Social Chat" groups for a boxed set of freebies!

This boxed set includes notecards in English, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish as well as a one-prim device you can add to your fishing area which hands them out on demand. These notecards also come with all new fishing rods sold and the update kits.

Alternatively, fishing area owners can obtain the notecard giver with a Proof of Purchase pull (they're in the updated Fishing Area Kits). As always, wear your PoP and click it to get the latest kit delivered to you.