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FAPT / Fishing Area List Changes

PostPosted: 06 May 2009, 14:24
by Seven Shikami
Hallo, users of the Fishing Area Promotional Tool.

Starting next week, we are no longer going to allow fishing areas that start with a number. This has been abused far too much to ensure that areas hop to the top of the list even if the name itself is completely inaccurate. So, a filter will be put in place server-side which automatically drops any entry which does this, and all FAPTs from this point out will have that filter coded into place to prevent it from happening to start with.

Please note that this is a community resource, not a game to see who can sneak under the rules the closest. If you falsify your entry in a way that cheapens the value of the Area List, you will be sent an IM requesting you change your entry or face delisting, regardless of whether or not it passed a filter. The filter is just the first arbiter; we are always the final subjective judge as to the appropriateness of FAPT entries.

Since you can always promote your fishing area by other venues such as our forums or Social Chat or any number of community sites and groups, participation in the FAPT is a privilege, not a right.

EDIT: Note that when we say you'll be delisted if you don't comply with the spirit of the area list, we mean from the area list. Not "banned from ever fishing again" or anything extreme like that. As noted, the FAPT is optional; you can always promote your area list through other venues, and this has nothing to do with your ability to fish in general or anything else.