Team Fishing Upgrades Released! (And More To Come...)

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Team Fishing Upgrades Released! (And More To Come...)

Postby Seven Shikami » 25 Jul 2009, 22:15


It's been awhile since we talked about new developments in 7Seas -- but don't think we've been sitting on our butts. We've got three major things coming up soon!

I've been noticing more team contests in Social, and that is Awesome. Well, guess what? They're now MORE awesome. The long awaited Team Fishing revamp is coming! This new version will do away with sitting on colored crates... no more people camping your spot, no more deadweight fishers on your team.

TO GET THE UPGRADE: Fishing area owners, rez or wear your "Proof of Purchase", then CLICK on it. You'll get a fresh copy of the Fishing Area Kit, every part up to date. Inside you'll find the new Contest Board 3.1. Replace your current contest boards with it.

So, how do the new and improved team contests work? All you'll need to do to start or join a team is click the contest board! It'll show you available teams to join, and give you options to start and manage a team (including RENAMING it, booting people out, inviting people to join, locking it so only invites are allowed, etc.) Then, simply stand anywhere in range of the contest, and fish! No special seats, no boats, nothing else needed.

It all comes with OpenSeas plug-in support, so you can make your own systems to award unique prizes or trophies, or keep track of team scores for your own fishing league. Coders, go nuts!

And there's even more good stuff, coming soon...

You asked for it. You want it. You're getting it. FISH BREEDING.

More details will be coming -- we still have a lot of work to do on this! -- but the basic idea is that it gives you a reason to wear and show off your fish. Wear a Mama fish and a Papa fish of the same species, and after some time swimming together, you'll get an adorable little Baby fish! Combine different colors to get different babies!

Hunt elusive rare baby breeds -- and earn Family Points to increase your odds of finding rares! Will you be the first person in SL with enough determination (and utter insanity) to reach the highest rank of fish breeders? We shall see... again, no ETA on this, but we're working on it!

Oh, I mentioned a third thing, didn't I..? Right. The *SPOILER DELETED* I've hinted about in chat several times. It's coming, folks... and I hopes ye've been gatherin' yer golden booty from yer fishy contest conquests, mateys, because Captain Blingbeard won't grant his boon to just ANYONE...

Only the top fishers, champions in every stripe available to them, will have what it takes... to win rights to sail the SCOURGE OF THE 7SEAS.

Keep an eye on the waters...

EDIT: Edited the post on July 29th to reflect that the team fishing revamp is now live!
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