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Introducing 7Seas Breedable Fish!

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2010, 16:08
by Seven Shikami
They're finally here! Mama and Papa and Baby make three as 7Seas is in a family way. You can now catch fish that can be bred together (using special fish food, also catchable) to make more fish and earn you BP (Baby Points)!

Not just any fish can breed; you'll need Mama and Papa fish. We'll be starting out with one species of Mama/Papas, the new "Flame Angel" line. Mix and match to find new color combinations! More breedable species are planned, so stay tuned.

Also be sure to get your Fish Breeding Guide, a wearable object that tells you your BP level, and includes instructions on how to breed fish. You can get a copy from the "7Seas Fishing" or "7Seas Social Chat" group notices, or from a friend who already has one (they're copy+trans). Then, just wear it, and click on it.

Details on "OpenBreeding" community scripts will be forthcoming. Stay tuned, custom fish developers!

A "Breeding Hall of Fame" and "Top Breeders" page will be introduced to the website soon, as well.

Happy fishing!


Re: Introducing 7Seas Breedable Fish!

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2010, 07:24
by RoxyLee Rayna
Hi to all you fishers.. I am new to this and must say hooked.. Love the idea of breeding fish so frantic now fishing hard for Mama and Papa, and of course the food. I love it ..Great idea. How are you all doing love to know.

Re: Introducing 7Seas Breedable Fish!

PostPosted: 14 Feb 2010, 18:14
by Alanis Bravin
Yay I reached level 20! Is that as high as it goes?

Re: Introducing 7Seas Breedable Fish!

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2010, 08:50
by Robertltux McCallen
In looking at the list of catchables im finding a question that needs to be answered

What is considered "Food" for the breedable fish??
(and what rarity is it) <----- okay the food is rare and its called Luv N Flakes

different question
Why is the "Pope versions of the new fish and the Flakes not listed on the catchables list??

on the subject of food could you script it so that when its empty and then dropped it self destructs??
(or allow it to be rezzed and then go poof like the bait bucket)