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7Seas 3.2 Fishing Rods now available!

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009, 13:23
by Seven Shikami
The new 3.2 version Fishing Rods are now available! The following new features were added:

* AutoDecline feature... optionally select a rarity of catches to automatically decline, so you don't have to keep clicking "Decline" yourself. (Targeted and Custom catches will always be caught, regardless of AutoDecline settings.)
* Menu Popup can be optionally turned on, so that after every casting, the menu automatically appears.
* Dynamite goes Pro! If you own our "Sack of Dynamite" fishing rod, now it will behave like a Pro Fishing rod.
* Fishing area owners can enforce "Quiet Catch" mode, to prevent a wall-of-green-text from spamming chat. (An upgrade is coming soon to the Fishing Area Kit to enable this.)
* Upgrades to our Invisible Rod Developer's Specifications.
* Enhancements to enable new types of contests in the future!

To get your fishing rod upgrade kit, simply wear your old fishing rod and it'll be sent to you automatically. Follow the instructions included in the kit. If you don't get a kit, please send 7Seas Sass an IM and request a kit for your type of rod: Pro, Casual, or Dynamite.

Happy fishing!