Enforced Quiet Catch?

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Enforced Quiet Catch?

Postby Atashi Toshihiko » 13 Feb 2009, 03:43

I'm wondering what the consensus is about the new enforced quiet catch mode, in the 3.1 servers? Do fishing area operaters like this feature? Do fishers like it?

Personally I haven't been too bothered by the 'chat spam' of other folks' rods (I kind of tune it out - along with the chatter from my own rod), but I have had a few people complain about it in my fishing area so I upgraded my servers as soon as Seven announced it.

I'm curious though as to what others think about the feature, if they use it or not, if they like it or not.

Would you avoid places that enforce quiet catch mode? Or prefer those areas? Or don't care?


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Re: Enforced Quiet Catch?

Postby Seven Shikami » 13 Feb 2009, 09:30

I'm curious about this, myself.

The only way I could implement it was for it to forcibly turn your catch switch to quiet, which means even if you leave the area, the switch stays down there until you manually switch it back. (Although I did work in a caveat where if you re-wear your rod after it was ordered to be quiet, it goes loud again, which should catch this most of the time.)

My gut instinct was that while handy, this would prove annoying for a lot of fishers and thus it wouldn't get used much. Originally I was going to have EQCM servers be a seperate rezzable server, not a SWITCH you could turn on or off, to ensure fishing area owners used it sparingly -- but demand on Social when I suggested that path led me to go ahead and add the switch instead.

I'm curious to see how it'll pan out in the coming weeks, if area owners will take to it, if fishers won't like it, if fishers WILL like it, whatever. But at the very least, it is an OPTIONAL thing, so it can't hurt to have it there. If the community as a whole doesn't like it, fishing areas will no doubt move to satisfy their wants in turn.
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Re: Enforced Quiet Catch?

Postby Barbara Schwarz » 13 Feb 2009, 14:26

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Re: Enforced Quiet Catch?

Postby Judi Newall » 14 Feb 2009, 00:28

I like it, it makes chat easier to follow but if fishers complain then I'll turn it back to allowing broadcasts.
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Re: Enforced Quiet Catch?

Postby Amara Twilight » 15 Feb 2009, 05:43

I agree. While its neat to see who caught what, get more then 3 fishers together all being loud and general conversations in local become a bear to follow. Enforced quiet does help with that.
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