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Feature Request: Vendors Pay Someone Else!

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2009, 13:46
by Jahdo Ohtobide
The group that I'm generally involved with (the Isle of Wyrms) have a number of small fishing areas. But our bait/gear vendors are all owned by one persons alt, who collects any funds he receives for our nominated charity.

However, sometimes all the updates take time to do (I think our vendors and servers are still 3.0).

Is it feasible to add a feature whereby rather than paying the owner, the vendor pays the person nominated by the owner. OK, I suspect this would work like most product vendors where you get a double debit permissions and they-pay-you/you-pay-other.

This might relieve some strain on one person maintaining everything, yet allow us to keep the current charity gains from bait/gear purchases setup.