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7seas bingo!

PostPosted: 17 Feb 2009, 19:36
by Calberd Ofarrel
So, we were all talking in 7seas social chat tonight and came up with the next BIG game for 7seas! 7seas BINGO! However some modifications would need to be done to make it unique! I'm pretty sure Seven actually subconsciously already thought about 7seas Bingo when coming up with the rarity system! How you ask?! Glad you asked! There are 5 letters in the word BINGO, and there are how many rarities in 7seas? RIGHT; 5! Coincidence you may say, but wouldn't it be more coincidental if there were 7 rarities?! Now I'm sure you see the logic in this whole thing! Wait... Where you going... No stay with me it gets better I promise! Okay so instead of B-I-N-G-O we use Common-Uncommon-Rare-UltraRare-SUR or abbreviated
Co-Un-Ra-Ur-SuperUltraRare and then the spaces instead of numbers could use fish from that rarity. Could only go as far as there are SURs as not to mess up with the odds of one column being picked over the other. Oh and of course the free-space would be replaced with tiny-TNT but still designated as free space!

Now iffn u excuse me I been up like way to long and need to get more caffeine! I can't wait to see 7seas bingo come to life!

Re: 7seas bingo!

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2009, 05:58
by Seven Shikami
It could be a bit too easy, though -- Oceanography targeting means all you have to do is pick whatever five fish you need to complete a bingo (four if you build around the free space). Without targeting, there's such a wild variety of fish out there compared to the more limited bingo set that you wouldn't have much chance of ever finishing a card. I guess it'd be easier if it's also listening to OTHER people's catches and counting them, but the lag involved there -- especially if the card has to scan its grid every single time it hears a catch to see if you made bingo or not -- would be insane.

I could see a lesser form of this... a catchable card which, when worn for the first time, picks five random fish (one per rarity). If it hears you catch those five fish, you get a prize and the card scraps itself. It's the same idea, but it's limited to your catches and there's no grid of spaces to scan with each catch.