Some basic questions

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Some basic questions

Postby Auburn Heron » 26 Feb 2009, 08:15

Okay, I have been fishing for awhile but have just hosted my first fishing tournament, and now I'm filled with questions. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

1. I want to have custom trophies, store shopping cards, and possibly some cash as prizes, and I would like to allow the participants to add cash to the the tournament prizes as and when they care to. Is there an offical or 3rd party fishing contest board that will handle the automatic distribution of financial and non-financial items to winners and allow paying into the board by participants?

2. Is there a way for me, as host, to see the names and scores of ALL participants in the tournament?

3. One of my participants asked if it was okay to use his Fish there a reason why this wouldn't be okay?

4. Have the Lindens expressed any reservations about giving cash prizes in fishing tournaments?

Thanks in advance for assistance with these questions!

Auburn Heron
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Auburn Heron
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Re: Some basic questions

Postby Seven Shikami » 26 Feb 2009, 12:47

1. We're going to be adding custom trophy support (using the Custom Prize Givers, like our Contest Expansion Pack does) in the future, but for now, you'll want to go with a community-developed OpenSeas solution. We don't plan to directly support cash contests, but again, OpenSeas developers have come up with prize pots and the like. Someone else wanna jump in there? :)

2. Yes; check your contest board manual (click it and pick Help). One of the options is a full reporting of all scores and participants. It only works for the owner, not secondary admins, and you must be online and in the same sim when the contest ends to hear it due to SL limitations on sending instant messages.

3. For fishing contests, it's fine. Oceanography Databases let you target specific fish to make them more likely to catch, but they don't make that fish's RARITY more likely to be caught. So let's say someone targeted a LOLCatfish, a SuperUltraRare. You still only have a 2% chance of getting a SUR (level 5 and up), even with the targeting on, but if you DO catch a SUR, it's more likely to be a LOLCatfish. So, short answer -- don't worry.

4. The Lindens rarely directly step in to say X gadget or Y game is against terms of service. We leave any legal risk up to you; our games do not directly pay cash and we are not responsible for the content of third party plugins.
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Re: Some basic questions

Postby Auburn Heron » 27 Feb 2009, 05:51

Thanks, Seven, your comments were helpful! One of these days I'll learn to RTFM...grin.

Aubi 8-)
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