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Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2009, 15:37
by Clint Silvercloud
Hello, my name is Clint Silvercloud. I am a relatively new resident within Second Life.

I have (what is probably) an ethical question which may or may not have a precident or a mentioning within a pre-existing text file or notecard which I am interested in the opinion on or awnser to. I understand by making this post that there is very likely no definitave awnser and that each player or server varies; If there is in fact no general rule in place. I am currently developing some concepts and in game items, as would any other player, and would prefer to take the 7Seas community opinion into consideration for my own personal ethical reasons BEFORE taking any actions conceptually or otherwise. With that said, I will hesitantly ask my question...

Is there a rule or regulation which accepts or denies distribution of items, based on popular belief or precident, which have been otained from 7Seas official or custom prize givers? I ask this because I am considering dedicating a respectable amount of time and lndens on prize and server area development.

Having asked what sounds to be a dificult question, it truly isn't. Basically, Who, when, where, and how (if the information exists) can or is it acceptable to distrubute fished up loot. Do you want people to give you things away? Are they transferrable, and if so why? With what restrictions is distribution considered to be reasonable or not? Do you need to know the person personally? And if not... How many people that you don't know is above the limit? I am reasonably certain there are no awnsers to this(these) question(s) that can be accepted by a group of people as varies as Second Life players are. However, I am very interested in what any responses may be.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems, rants, or anything you want to relay (taking forum regulations under consideration), post it on here. I will be sure to check it often and want all information in one easy to find location if ever needed by me, you, or anyone else in future. Serious posts only please... Take the 5 minutes to write it out and read it twice, it's worth it :)

>Clint Silvercloud<

Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2009, 03:50
by Softpaw Sommer your asking basically would be, is it ok to sell or give away official 7seas fish?

I'm not really sure if this is what your asking, you never made it quite clear among all that unnecessary gibberish. Which is most likely why you've not gotten an answer to it yet.

Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2009, 05:23
by Clint Silvercloud
Lol that makes sense, I will ask a different way ty. I have in fact received some in game input on this :)

If an item is able to be transferred then does the 7seas community have a unwritten rule concerning when where why and how that item should or should not be transferred? What is the norm for permissions on prizes?

I ask this because: I am making prizes. I am a new player and refer to Google for a lot of required information. I find references on Google to situations in the past where transferring prizes with transfer permissions on them was or is an issue.

My personal reply to this question is: I have chosen to have transfer permissions on some items, and not on other items. I believe by doing it that way I can prevent mass distribution of items I do not personally want mass distributed that have been obtained from my prize server.

>Clint Silvercloud<

Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2009, 18:19
by Amara Twilight
7seas official fish are able to be transferred/sold according to 7Seas Sass the spokesperson of 7Seas.

Custom fish are an entirely different matter. If you want to use someone elses creations as a free giveaway as a draw for your area you need to ask the custom content creator if its ok to do that. If you want to sell their creations you'd need to ask that too. Otherwise you could find yourself shunned by the community at large and perhaps find a Linden looking into whatever you're doing if someone complained loud enough.

Some content creators don't mind their caught items in a (free) prize giver / chair / donation barrel thingy, after all someone had to fish them up in the first place. Others mind it greatly. Some custom creators, such as myself, rent out servers of our customs to help offset the creation costs etc..

I'd say in short, rule of thumb is ask if its a custom created item.

Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2009, 14:11
by Celeste Cazenove
As a content creator i will answer as if you were using my customs as others have in the past. I create customs and make them transferable to create traffic to my area, and allow fishers to trade amongst themselves and collect all my items. Trading in the Social group chat is fine and encouraged. However, when you start using someone elses created item that was given to you freely as a means to obtain traffic, popularity, or Lindens for yourself....this is a breach of ethics in my opinion. I would take personal offense to any of my customs being used in this manner. There are acceptable ways of using others customs, trading them for free in group, renting a ppg from the creator so you are giving them royalties for there hard work. The main issue is are you using someone elses work to gain monetary or traffic value for yourself? If so, then you are likely to be a very unpopular fellow. Now if you want help in establishing partnerships and trade arrangements I would be more than happy to assist. There are acceptable means of adding others customs, you can rent ppg's, you can trade ppg's, you can do joint projects with other area owners. I have done all of the above and when the two parties agree they can be great promotional tools.

Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2009, 03:46
by Chaffro Schoonmaker
I don't have a problem with any customs I have made being given away or traded on, but with the right permissions, it wouldn't be a particularly lucrative thing to do. As mine are No Copy/Trans, you'd have to have a pretty large stockpile to really benefit from doing so.


Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2009, 12:12
by Clint Silvercloud
I understand, these are the types of responses I was hoping to see here. I do not want anyone else to distribute any of my future creations in any mass quantity for monetary gain either. It is good to see that the opinions do not vary too much and there is a general understanding of things. Gooood news, I will continue as planned; Thank you :)

Re: Ethical Inquisition

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2009, 18:11
by Seven Shikami
Might help if we actually had, y'know, a clue what your plans were. It's hard to figure out exactly what we're supposed to be consenting or objecting to from vague overtures and puzzling ponderances.

As for the official line, like I said in an IM to you (and is public knowledge) the (7S) official catches are allowed to be traded, gifted, resold, etc. There's not much of a market for reselling them though, thanks to the generosity and friendliness of our community and the plentiful supply.