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Fish Trades

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2009, 22:51
by Firebird Nightfire
Hi, would anyone like to trade duplicates with me?

IM me inworld and I'll tell you my current duplicates, and you can tell me what you have too many of.

For fairness, trades must match in rarity, eg a common for a common.

Custom catches can be negotiated.

Re: Fish Trades

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2009, 18:13
by Amara Twilight
I suggest joining the 7Seas Social Chat group if you have room. The people in there are almost always friendly and willing to help anyone out. If you ask for any official 7Seas fish someone will just give you one, no trade needed, and many times you'll find yourself deluged with them from a variety of people :)

Customs people tend to trade more for depending on the rarity and how many they have duplicates of and people are almost always willing to trade for them.