Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

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Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Seven Shikami » 16 Mar 2009, 18:16

Hi, folks! Did you attend Fishiversary? If so, we'd love to gather your thoughts about the event. It'll help as shape future versions of the event if we know what aspects of the celebration you enjoyed in particular, so we know what to put emphasis on. Contests in community areas? Freeform contests at the sims themselves? Bounty hunts? Music and non-contesty type events? Central CPGs? CPGs on each islands? The islands themselves? What islands stood out and what aspects did you like about them that you'd want to see more of? Let's discuss!

Two things I'd like to steer away from are "Too much lag" and "Too crowded". Obviously there was too much lag and it was too crowded, obviously nobody LIKES these things, and we can take pretty simple steps to avoid that problem in the future. It's a solved problem. What I'd like to know more is your overall feelings about the event and what directions you'd like it to take next time. Obviously if there's something else you didn't like, make yourself known, but lag and overcrowding aren't going to be an issue next time.

Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback.
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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Chaffro Schoonmaker » 17 Mar 2009, 03:17

I liked the mini-islands! MY OCD would have preferred them to be more aligned with each other, but each of the people who had spots did a great job on them! And the customs were both plentiful and brilliant! So, good job all!

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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Tonya Shelman » 17 Mar 2009, 10:57

I had a great time!!! Thought it was alot of fun and would love to see more of these kinds of events!!!! Great Job!! i also loved the mini islands...great idea..
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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Marita Mumfuzz » 18 Mar 2009, 17:17

Was a fun few days ... and a big thanks to those who provided the "overflow Island"
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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby LittleHelper Eichel » 18 Mar 2009, 21:10


as said by all: the mini islands looked really cute. Respect to the builders. There was a few "outstanding" islands but i dont want to rate them in a special order... everyone did a great job.
and as said too: BIG THX to all donaters for the second sim.
I didnt have the chance to take part in the contests or non-fishing events (not really my time online), so nothing to say about those.
Maybe it was due to my onlinetimes too but when i made it into osmium i never met really much "Fishitors" that really was into conversation, most of them was on autocasting i guess, that was a point i didnt like.
Anyway: congrats and thanks to 7seas for 1 year of innovative SL experience. Thanks to the big crowd of area owners and especially the custom builders for their work. Wish you many more years and a lot of good ideas.

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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Holocluck Henly » 20 Mar 2009, 05:28

I had one hour at 6am on Saturday morning. It was the only time I could get in.

Nice ideas people had for their spots.

Dont know if I liked getting bombarded with customs with each cast. This might be okay for completists but as a fishing experience it wasnt too pleasant.

Wanted to attend the party. :(
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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Alice Xue » 20 Mar 2009, 08:47

Personally, I loved getting all the customs, but I think it would have been better if there were just "special" event customs, not everything the creators had to offer. Maybe a special Fishiversary custom in a box with a LM to get the rest of that creator's goodies... more like a trade show, a sampling of what creators had to offer. That way people could get in and get out more quickly, causing less lag and less crowding, while allowing more people to participate.
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Re: Fishiversary Wrapup Discussion!

Postby Judi Newall » 23 Mar 2009, 05:38

How about limiting the items on offer to a max of 5 per area and using the global setting rather than rarity to discourage hours of camping? I didn't spend much time there but did keep getting bombarded by some items. Ideally we'd like to have new items for this kind of event (we had three this time) and then use them at the main camp later in the month.

Could we also have some events other than SLT evenings? I'm on GMT so I'd be happy to assist.

I wouldn't like these big gatherings too often tho as I think it would detract from the camps, once a year is wonderful though. I loved the setting up, it was great having time to chat to other builders and the overflow camp was a fantastic idea.
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