The 7Seas Groups, not quite helpful

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The 7Seas Groups, not quite helpful

Postby bloodsong » 15 Apr 2009, 15:45


seven, would you please consider allowing the 7seas non-social-chat group to start group ims? i believe people should be able to use that group for legitimate 7seas questions. as it is now, every time i want to ask a question (like: are the servers down? how long have they been down?), i have to quit that group, then join the chatty group and ask. oh, and the last time i did that, nobody even answered/noticed my question. today i tried that, and group enrollment in it is closed!

so... yes, okay, social chat is a bit too chatty for me, but i wouldnt mind the occassional misfired group im from the non-social-chat group to allow folks to ask legitimate questions. please consider. thank you!
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Re: The 7Seas Groups, not quite helpful

Postby Seven Shikami » 15 Apr 2009, 17:23

Two problems there.

One, we started the normal group specifically to EXCLUDE group IMs. If we change the charter now it's bait and switch for the hundreds of subscribers to it who just want the official news announcements and freebies without any chit-chat.

Two, where do we draw the line between what's acceptable IMs and what's chatty IMs? Do we need to have 24/7 moderators checking to make sure that the group is focused? We can't afford that and it'd just result in drama when someone feels what they have to say is A-OK but the moderators don't. it's NEVER a cut and dry issue and it's one we wanna avoid.
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