AIC and some answers

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AIC and some answers

Postby Barbara Schwarz » 26 Apr 2009, 15:44

I was looking at my inventory a while back and saw that I had WAY too many customs.
Rather than simply delete them all, I thought it would be fun to have a silly contest to give them away.

When people post "First three to IM me" types of things, it may get people to respond, but it doesn't really help the community.

So, some mornings for the last two or three weeks I have been having a silly question contest, I would pick 3 winners and each would get a box of customs from two or more fishing places. I tracked the winners each time and will be giving out grand prizes which are collections of custom rods.

Some of the contests:
"I deserve Shelbi's customs because: "
"I love Huggable bears because: "
A trivia contest about Aruba
"I don't deserve a collection of customs from Amara because I if had some mermaids and mermen I would:"
"The cool thing about customs is: "
"If I don't win some of the AIC rods I will..."

Well, I decided to ask serious questions for the last two, and here is the result of the first one.
Each person had to submit their answers on note cards knowing that the contents would be posted here.

The task was to complete the sentence: "The most important things in a fishing area for me are (in order):"

And here is a summary of the results culled from 10 responses offered with some editing for brevity.

[H]onestly I'd have to say is other fishers and customs,[...]

The most important for me is the lack of lag. The next would have to be atmosphere. I don't want to fish in an area that is so cluttered with [junk.] Finally would have to be friendliness. I like to talk while I fish with the people around me.

1) Water 2) Good Customs 3) Adult-friendly atmosphere

1 Owners/hosts that I like and respect. []people who are friendly, fun, and not judgmental of others. 2 As few restrictions as possible for the area. 3 Little to no lag if possible. 4 IF an area has custom fish (not required!), a few good imaginative ones rather than massive quantities of "stuff".

1. The company. 2. The customs. 3. Design. I like to look at more than docks and seats. 4. Amenities - Vendor, Zyngo, etc. 5. Rules [against furies, fangs, etc].

-water with fishies -the friendly folks [who run the areas] -the great people in 7seas fishing [with] humor and the knowledge the[y] share -water with fishies -low lag-no drama -the ability to rezz on site-water with fishies -great custom fishie -odd custom fishies -transferable custom fishies -nicely places contest boards -well organized custom lists -trees and pretty flowers -fish settings that are challenging but not overly frustrating or impossible... -piers -sand -fun custom rods -sea monsters -fairly short, non-spammy contest announcements -somewhere to shop when i am using the invisible no animation rod -that griefers are stomped on with no mercy [] -trophys -multiple creators

1 that it is friendly place to fish. 2 lots of diff customs to catch. 3 that it looks nice.

1.The opportunity to catch really great customs 2. Great contests 3. Rewards for different types of catches 4. Places that are not exclusionary 5. Great people running a fishing contest 6. Great people that are in a contest 7. A place that is not really laggy.

1 friendly people 2 transferable customs so I can trade with others. 3 not being flooded with customs or having 100 SURs that you can't catch. 4 no clutter, no lag. 4 Local chat.

[One rather indecent reply not posted.]

That is it. Prize boxes out to the winners shortly.
Barbara Schwarz

AIC Final round.

Postby Barbara Schwarz » 27 Apr 2009, 04:21

Start of the final round of the AIC today. Here is the chat about it:

[5:08] Barbara Schwarz: Today's AIC question is very different that past ones. I would like the answers on notecards that INCLUDE YOUR NAME.
And, you have until 6PM SL time 28 April (tomorrow) to write those note cards. Anything on the notecard submissions will end up in the 7Seas forum.
If you dont want it there, then don't send a notecard. Oh, and something like double points as well. (Watch out Rizzyd.)
[5:09] Barbara Schwarz: It is still complete the sentance, but today's is: "If I could change something about 7Seas it would be:"
[5:10] Rizzyd Ragu: wow thats a toughy Barb....
[5:10] Rizzyd Ragu: is there a word limit?
[5:11] Barbara Schwarz: Good prizes deserve tough questions
[5:11] Barbara Schwarz: Nope, I don't think I mentioned a word limit. Nor did I mention anything about multiple entries.
[5:12] Rizzyd Ragu: wow, for that i might even power up word and really show i can actually speak and spell correctly
[5:13] Tammy Howley: ROFL
[5:16] Barbara Schwarz: never. never in a million years. Not a chance.

So, if you want to enter, there are about 36 hours remaining from the time I am writing this.
Barbara Schwarz

Re: AIC and some answers

Postby Barbara Schwarz » 29 Apr 2009, 07:25

The final round of the AIC ended yesterday. As with the previous round, the format was submission of ideas on a note card.

Final round of the AIC is today I would like the answers on note cards that INCLUDE YOUR NAME. Daily prizes as well as the grand prizes will be awarded.
And, you have until 6PM SL time today to write those note cards. Anything on the note card submissions may end up in the 7Seas forum.
If you don't want it there, then don't send a note card. Complete the sentence: "If I could change something about 7Seas it would be:"

Here are the entries received, edited for clearness.
If I could change something about 7Seas it would be the fact that there seems to be an apparent inequality in the **REDACTED**.
The **REDACTED** seem to be better at winning the contests they enter. I know this is not true due to the Randomness of the random numbers but they seem to have the upper hand in every contest they enter. In particular there is one set of fishers from **REDACTED** that I have yet to see them loose a tournament, but then that just may just be me.

If I could change something about 7Seas it would be...Marketing.
I was a year on the grid before I bought a 7Seas Rod. In fact, I would have likely disparaged the idea had anyone asked me.
Ultimately I got hooked because a SL housemate decided she wanted to put a 7Seas rig on our land. I grumbled, stuck 250L in the vendor and voila...I was hooked.
Why did it take a year? Where was 7Seas my whole Second Life?
I picture displays in every store:
"7Seas Fishing - Relaxation in your Second Life" Click here for your free demo rod!
Catch the game craze sweeping Second Life! Hook yourself wearable pets, clothing, jewelry, even complete avatars created by talented fisherfolk! Collect bounties on different fish and contests with cash prizes too!
Every man, woman, child, neko, furry, vampire and fill-in-the-blank should receive a demo rod. If it were up to me, it would be in the Library so you had it on your rez day. Hey Lindens, you listening?
SL is almost entirely islands and waters. A rod in every paw, and a fish in every pot!

"If I could change something about 7Seas it would be:" It would not be something drastic as I enjoy just about all parts of 7Seas Fishing.
One thing [] would be some sort of a way so that every once in a while you get lucky and instead of always losing your bait when you miss[]. Maybe some sort of a special message to let you know.
[Replace] "Nope, No fish caught." [with] " Your Line was snagged but you used your fishing skills and were able to unsnag it[. Y]our bait was saved for another cast!"
Perhaps have a lucky chance of catching 2 fish at once...somehow you manage to get 2 fish to bite at once.
Seems like a minor thing but i think people would have fun with it.
Another thing [] would be [] some more Names above level 40! not necessarily levels but maybe as you get to some of the bigger milestones you get another Fishing Name. Say 150K xp you could be a (HOF Silver Member) 200K xp could be (HOF Platinum Member). just some examples of some names, and again some simple things. But, I think that some casual minor changes or additions every couple of months would be good for the community.

If I could change something about 7Seas it would be:...the possibility of giving custom prizes based on fishing level, that way there could be super hard to get prizes for higher levels and it would make being > level 5 more interesting.

If I could change something about 7Seas it would be:"
1.More titles at say each additional 25k xp, so at, 75k xp, 100k xp, 125k xp, ect.
2.A level [up] prize also. Example: a special colored bait bucket with signage (low perm so it could be displayed or worn) bait included, amount of bait to be decided.
3.A board fishing place's can put out, so when someone levels up there, it registers there level and shows there level for a time period/to be decided and picture optional.
4. A purchase card were you buy ( example:100 bait buckets you get an amount free.
5. Another break for purchases of bait. /like how you have the buy 500 get 100 free.

"If I could change something about 7Seas it would be:"The whole XP/Level/Skill thing being redone.
Each level should take more work the the one before it. Skill should go up with XP as well, but maybe not as fast as it currently does.
To make contests fair, you fish at either level 0 (limited) or for unlimited, say level 10 or less depending on what your level is. And level 10 would be easier to reach, more like the current level 5.
There should be some XP even if you are fishing unbaited, maybe half. common is 0, uncommon and rare are 1, UR and SUR are 2.
And yes, unbaited should have a small (tiny) chance of getting a SUR, just like in RL.
And last part of the changes is to make the Hall of Fame a lot harder. People already on it should stay.

This rounds winners: K00La1d, Moon, and Stixguy
Barbara Schwarz

Re: AIC and some answers

Postby Barbara Schwarz » 29 Apr 2009, 08:09

OK, it is all over, and it was way too much work, but here are the results:

Grand prize boxes going out when I get them packed up.

Moon Fairymeadow 34
Gilgalahad Gunsberg 33
K00La1d Masala 32
StixGuy Nightfire 32
Rizzyd Ragu 29
Cejia Drezelan 16
Keith Cleanslate 14
Julie Cardiff 13
Chocha Abeyante 8
Tammy Howley 8
Venus Jenkins 7
Rhiannon Hanfoi 6
Talinda Tigerpaw 6
PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic 6
GiJane Pennell 6
Prettykitty Gumbo 6
Seven Shikami 6
Marc Arizona 5
Destiny Ashdene 4
Annabelle Topaz 4
Cedilla Thielt 4
Barbara Schwarz

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