Existential Dilemma re thread posts - what would be best?

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Existential Dilemma re thread posts - what would be best?

Postby Holocluck Henly » 11 Jan 2012, 10:12

I've split my fishing... that is, I maintain Retro Metro in Nova Albion for the community with some token customs, but the bulk of them have been moved to my main property by my diner.

I currently maintain - more or less - a thread of my stuff for Retro Metro. Should I use this for my new location and make a new thread for the existing? Thinking it would be easier just to keep everything in the thread and attribute them to the new locale.

Or have one all-encompassing thread of my stuff with a single post about Retro Metro, and post the same thread URL to two promo tools?

What would any of you suggest?

Starship Diner - Customs by Holocluck Henly.
Coming Soon: fishing contests with custom trophies!
Also: Retro Metro in historic Nova Albion
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