MACs and the F2 key

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MACs and the F2 key

Postby Grey Nacht » 06 Jan 2009, 14:32

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Mac expert, I only play on in this forum. What follows are only suggestions based on my own Mac experience. Your results may vary. Offer void where prohibited. All standard disclaimers apply.
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There is some question as to whether or not users of Macs can make use of the F2 gesture. I suspect that there may be 3 issues in play here. First, you may want to check that your Mac is running the most current version of OS X. Next, you may want to look at your keyboard and mouse settings under System Preferences. There is a check box which will permit the function keys to be used as standard function keys.

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If you check that option, and then want want to use the F2 key to change the brightness of your screen, you would need to press the "Fn" key at the same time you press the F2 key.

If you are still having problems, look at the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab and check if any software you may have installed has mapped a shortcut to the F2 key. If it has, you may want to either change that, or remap the casting gesture to an unused function key.

If these suggestions do or don't work for you, please let me know in this forum. If you find another workaround which works, please post that in here as well.
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Re: MACs and the F2 key

Postby Adam Exonar » 18 Jan 2009, 17:22

I'm currently on a mac too. the way that apple wants us to use the function keys is to use the button labeled 'fn' plus the function key. so holding fn and F2 will trigger the cast gesture. hope this helps.
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