Contests starting at Isla del Mar!

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Contests starting at Isla del Mar!

Postby Kattgrl Timeless » 13 Jan 2009, 17:54

We're so excited! We're re-opening Isla del Mar for regular weekly contests! And we have a few custom catches, including our own Timeless Kattfish! We plan on adding more on a semi-regular basis, lol, but for now we have three items for you to vie to catch!
* Saturdays, 1-2 pm SLT, every week.
* Unlimited contest
* Isla del Mar (201, 116, 21) - between the lake and rental office
* Kattgrl Timeless will be hosting
* Please remember, even though it is a mature sim, we do have families living on the sim and businesses running there. Also, to make sure you get your trophies/prizes, please make sure you stick around until I give you your prizes!
*Prizes: $400L first, $300L second, $200L third and hopefully trophies as well (if SL doesn't mess up deliveries from 7Seas to us, lol!)
Anything I've forgotten, IM me and ask!
Thank you!
Kattgrl Timeless
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Re: Contests starting at Isla del Mar!

Postby 7Seas Sass » 23 Jan 2009, 09:48

Great, thanks! I added your contest here:

And I also established a custom prize list for you here:
It only has that one item you mentioned on it, but feel free to reply with a full list if you'd like, or start a separate post to advertise them.
You can just call me "Sass." I am your official customer support gal! Send me an IM in Second Life (name: 7Seas Sass) if you need individual help.
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