They're DEAD JIM!.....Spots that are MIA.

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They're DEAD JIM!.....Spots that are MIA.

Postby Amara Twilight » 23 Jan 2009, 23:55

I see some spots on the official site that others have mentioned to me are quite dead or that I've found to be dead. As most sites that go under (mostly due to this OS debacle) the owners don't IM 7Seas Sass I figured I'd post what I've found and others have here. PLEASE feel free to post what you find so Sass can IM the creator and see if they still exist in some form.

THEY'RE DEAD JIM! (Area's that are gone but still on official site....)

Marmaris Boardwalk Fishing Dock (Nude beach.) Lias Leandros
[drops you on a flat beach/desert. LM goes onto private property with all public banned. No servers in sight] - 11/10 update - place is now a flat grassland with a blocked to public house

Mi Amor Shoreline Village JimBahpurs Wylie ... 194/239/22
[drops you in an empty building. no fish server located. fish cast error by pond outside]

Tropical Temptations Fishing Hole (Adults only) Bartley Binder and Starys Sands
[has team seats, has 7seas items out. No active sever - cant fish messsage, no custom box i could find. Listed 2x on page]

=========RECENT MIA SPOTS (11/2008)===============
Arctic Docks Fishing [Norge Oh??]: (Nya Knows Norge and he had to close the area down)
Custom Drummer Octopus (sur - very hard to catch it seems)

<<< Alpha One - closed and reopend as Khatara >>>>
Alpha One Fishing [Seven Lefevre]:

Custom Fish/Items by Seven/Google Xue (linden vouchers too)
Random Free fish give/donate box.

A2Z Labs Fishing [Moose Maine and Krono Pro]:

Camp Hrashio Fishing (No nudity) [hrashio Cuttita]:

Cassiopiea Isle [LVs&Co's, Ravenlynn Templar?]:

=========RECENT MIA SPOTS (12/2008)===============

Aventura Fishing [Cypher Webb]
NOTE: Fishing area is on the roof...was on roof. gone now.

Evalon Harbor [EveofDarkness Cosmos]:

Mano-Sav Inc [Savannah Tomorrow]:

Perle Island [Prettykitty Gumbo]:

Sinfully Cassy & Daemian Fishing Area [Daemian Ember and Cassy Drechsler]
Custom Fish/Items by Daemian
((Daemian's CPG is now at Rails Baily's place))

VeNoM's Land [VeNoM Feng]

=========RECENT MIA SPOTS (1/2009)===============
Black Opal Club & Mall [Sinistra Looming]:
<<need to confirm this as i was told about it last night, as I like to confirm everything mentioned here>>
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Re: They're DEAD JIM!.....Spots that are MIA.

Postby 7Seas Sass » 24 Jan 2009, 09:48

Thanks Amara, hopefully this will remind people to let me know. I'll go through and cleanup/confirm vs. the Web list now (see below). I have a tough enough time maintaining the main list, so I'll just tell you what I know about the areas you have listed.

Should I announce it in the forum whenever something goes away or moves? But I don't announce new fishing areas that don't advertise here. Seems inconsistent, and presumably unnecessary since people should use the official list, eh?

I added a note at the bottom of the fishing area instructions to warn that I'll delete their area if they don't tell me otherwise. That way I no longer have to leave them on there while awaiting response from folks I haven't heard from in a long time!


Mi Amor moved to ... r/15/25/22 ... no custom fish now.

Tropical Temptations is only listed once as far as I can see. There are two other places with "Temptation" in the name, but they have different locations and contacts, so I wouldn't assume they're the same. Anyway, I removed the dead "Tropical Temptations" one. They said they'd send me a new location, no news on that yet.

You say "Alpha One - closed and reopend as Khatara" but actually, the owner told me both closed in December.

A2Z is gone for now. They said they'd send me a new location, no news on that yet.

Camp Hrashio Fishing has been gone for a long time.

Same with Cassiopiea Isle.

Aventura is still there and still on the roof at

Evalon Harbor was closed as of Dec. 12.

Mano-Sav = gone, no reply yet on what happened.

Perle Island is gone, no reply.

Sinfully Cassy & Daemian Fishing Area closed weeks ago, as I recall.

Venom's is gone. He might have new info but not yet.

Black Opal is gone.
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Re: They're DEAD JIM!.....Spots that are MIA.

Postby Amara Twilight » 25 Jan 2009, 05:16

Thanks yeah its weird i'm wondering of Camp H disappeared soon after I listed it. Barbara went through all the sites and checked them recently which is what i based my posts on, however i didn't have a chance to confirm every single one like I usually do or try to, such as Adventura on the roof. If they're still there I'll toss them back on the ingame list for people. :)

I find it so easy to open that list and click on a spots embedded LM to port there if I don't happen to have the official site open in a browser at the time :)

Mano Sav i thought opened in another area and then closed again? not sure.

Perle isle, prettykitty gumbo does frequent the room, not sure why she's not sent you an answer. I'll ask her if i see her and pass it on.

yeah cassy and deamian closed some time ago, early dec? anyway Daemians CPG is now at Rails Baily's place Van Demians Land.
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