Crow's Nest Fishing (First Time Posting!)

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Crow's Nest Fishing (First Time Posting!)

Postby Miir Watanabe » 03 Feb 2009, 05:58

Hi! I've been working on our fishing area a while now. Currently it has a few custom fish, items (2 rods and a hat) aaand two items from my store that you can fish out.

Current List:

[Crow's Nest] 01 Uncommon: Goldfish
[Crow's Nest] 02 UltraRare: Goldfish Family
[Crow's Nest] 03 UltraRare: Sailor Bandana
[Crow's Nest] 04 Rare: Comic Book Poses
[Crow's Nest] 05 Uncommon: Rainbow Fishing Rod
[Crow's Nest] 06 UltraRare: Ethereal Butterfly Fish
[Crow's Nest] 07 Rare: Miir's Fishing Hat
[Crow's Nest] 08 Rare: The Rod of Impatience
[Crow's Nest] 09 UltraRare: The Rainbow Fish

Link: ... %20Fishing

Should be adding more soon, but this is a good start I hope! :D
Miir Watanabe
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