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HuntingPrize Fish and CampingPrize Fish Added!

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2009, 23:08
by Celeste Cazenove
Okay i just added two unusual features in my area...
You can get two fish by using them and its the ONLY way you can get these Customs. (they are new also)
BountyPrize Fish- won by catching posted bounty hunt fish (ongoing) and
CampingPrize Fish- won by sittingin on a rock for 60 minutes (camp rock)
I'm not gonna tell you what these unique fish are, you gotta win them to find out!

Have Fun!!

Re: HuntingPrize Fish and CampingPrize Fish Added!

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2009, 14:20
by Celeste Cazenove
People have asked inworld so I will add the answer here since it applies.

Q: Can You Fish while you camp?
A: Ofcourse, most ppl spend a long time sitting and fishing anyways. Why not camp at the same time?

Q: Is it worth sitting for 60minutes for one fish?
A: Well, its the only way to get that fish and if you fish at same time, you will get tons of my other customs at same time!

Q: When is your Bounty Hunt, what do i have to catch?
A: It is ongoing, there are two boards, the fish posted on each change, check board when you arrive. Either hunt will give
you same HuntingPrize Fish.

Have Fun Everyone :)