6 New Craftables at Aruba

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6 New Craftables at Aruba

Postby Cazzy Halasy » 07 Feb 2009, 14:58

HI everyone,

Just to keep you all busy Itsy has created a new set of new craftables

The Zepplin Collection which consists of:

6 different coloured blueprints to build 6 different usable suprises.

You need:

Common Catches:
*AFC* Aruba #072f Red Zeppelin BP
*AFC* Aruba #073f Yellow Zeppelin BP
*AFC* Aruba #072-077e Common Salvage: Balloon

Uncommon Catches:
*AFC* Aruba #072-077d Uncommon Salvage: Hangler
*AFC* Aruba #074f Purple Zeppelin BP

Rare Catches:
*AFC* Aruba #072-077c Rare Salvage: Rad
*AFC* Aruba #075f Blue Zeppelin BP

UltraRare Catches:
*AFC* Aruba #072-077b UR Salvage: Flag
*AFC* Aruba #076f Green Zeppelin BP

SuperUltraRare Catches:
*AFC* Aruba #072-077a SUR Salvage: Elephant
*AFC* Aruba #077f Pink Zeppelin BP

The salvage pieces need to be caught 6 times in all they all work in all the different blueprints. When you have crafted your BP dont try to wear them.........rez them and see what ya get hehehehehe.

Have fun and thank you all for your support at Aruba
Cazzy and Itsy
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Re: 6 New Craftables at Aruba

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 08 Feb 2009, 14:12

Cool, sounds like you modeled the bp structure after the Dragonfly boats, nice idea :)
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