I've been a very bad 7Seas-er...

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I've been a very bad 7Seas-er...

Postby Kattgrl Timeless » 09 Feb 2009, 21:42

I have a bunch of new customs and haven't announced them... :o :roll: :x :( :cry:
I am sooooo :oops:

so please forgive me... :?

but here's the updated list of customs at Isla del Mar!

(KT) Aquarium Backdrop: Coral Reef
(KT) Dolphin Boat
(KT) Oh The Ol' Bamboo! Rod
(KT) Timeless Kattfish
(KT) Timeless Fun Fishing Hat
(KT) Hearts A-Flutter (Valentine's Day special)
(KT) Salvage: pad
(KT) Salvage: cushion
(KT) Salvage: flower
(KT) Blueprint: Timeless Water Lily Drifter
(KT) Tuna Casserole Fish (boxed)
(KT) Fish 'n Chips Hat
(KT) Magic Wishes Fishing Pole
The Teacher Series:
(KT) Teacher's Pointer Fishing Rod
(KT) Teacher's Thinking Hat
(KT) Teacher's Pet Fish
(KT) ABC Fish
(KT) Report Card Fish
(KT) Teacher's Grading Hat
(KT) School Lunch Pail Hat
(KT) Classroom Blackboard Fish
(KT) Slide Rule Eel

(EN) Sweetwater BaitCaster & Med. Action Rod (my partner's first offering, and oh is it awesome!)

So come out anytime and enjoy our new customs! And I'll try to do better at announcing our new arrivals...! :D
Kattgrl Timeless
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