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New custom fish at Sparkle Fish Pier

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2009, 15:39
by Mayli Nirpaw
Sparkle Fish at Nuova Pesca Custom Prizes
ANNOUNCING new custom Valentine Fish and other items at: ... ish%20Pier

In addition to all our previous custom catches the following has been added:
(SF)Valentine Fish 09

Our pier moved position so the above is a new slurl to the pier.
We also have a Valentines Day Sale and free gift at Sparkle Fish Jewelry!

There are two new items on introductory sale until Valentines Day.

Just for all you Sweethearts the Ruby Valentines Day set is on sale for 100L (reg. 150L). This lovely set has a pair of ruby heart earrings and a gold necklace with a ruby heart pendant.

Then find the new Amazonite Heart Set also on sale for 100L (reg. 150L). This new set is a pale green gem surrounded by diamonds. The set includes earrings and necklace. This may be the perfect set with your new spring outfit!

Both of these can be found on the "New" wall.

While you are here be sure to pick up your free Valentines Day Decorations! For decorating this year we have for you three floating ruby hearts. Each heart has flexi streamers to sway in the breeze. Use these indoors or outside. ... kle%20Fish

When you finish shopping why not follow the trail outside of the small hearts over to our new shop area! Big things are happening here at Nuova Pesca!

Cesta is busy buiding us new stores. We are beginning to set those up with product. The large store that has the heart decoration next to the door will be the new Sparkle Fish Jewlery Shop.
Next to that is the new fish shop. At present there you may purchase 7 Seas products and fish from our dock. In the shop I have set out the items that come in the 7 Seas aquarium set so that you can see how very much comes in the set. To purchase the set just scroll through the 7 Seas vendor until you find the set listed for 500L. My personal favorite of the aquariums are the invisible ones. I have put these into the windows of the shop. The invisible aquarium can be used underwater to make an area that you can swim with the fish you have caught! Look in the future for goodies that I will make to decorate aquariums. Also watch for custom fish and rods for sale in the future. At present you may fish for my customs at our dock.

Come back frequently to watch us grow! Additions are being made several times a week. Look for new stores and activites to come, including winery, roller skating, cafe and many others.

Happy Valentines Day and thank you in advance for shopping at and visiting Sparkle Fish and Nuova Pesca!
Mayli and Cesta