Custom catch and trophies at the Zen and Iaido Sangha

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Custom catch and trophies at the Zen and Iaido Sangha

Postby Robertino Jacobus » 11 Feb 2009, 10:59

You will find our fishing place at
This is a list of our custom catch and trophies, Check back now and then for an updated list.

(ZIS) Common Fish: Koi Spotted
(ZIS) Common Fish: Koi Spotted Green
(ZIS) Common Fish: Koi Spotted Pink
(ZIS) Common stuff: Floating Lamp
(LKC) Common: Bead Necklace
(LKC) Common: Gold Bead Necklace

(ZIS) Uncommon Fish: Koi Spotted Orange
(ZIS) Uncommon Fish: Koi Spotted Yellow
(ZIS) Uncommon Stuff: Salmonfly
(LKC) Uncommon: Floor lamp - Zen

(ZIS) Rare Fish: Kodzuka
(ZIS) Rare Fish: Koi Spotted Turquoise
(ZIS) Rare Fish: Koi Spotted White
(ZIS) Rare Stuff: Framed SalmonFly
(LKC) Rare: Japanese rug, sun

(ZIS) UltraRare Stuff: Fishingrod 2
(ZIS) UltraRare stuff: Floating Lamp Lady with Lamp
(LKC) UltraRare: sapphire necklace

(ZIS) SuperUltraRare Stuff: FlyFishingRod Mk 1

(ZIS) Bounty Hunt Trophy

(ZIS) 1st Price Trophy
(ZIS) 2nd Price Trophy
(ZIS) 3rd Price Trophy
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