Come catch my book at BlaksleeWorld

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Come catch my book at BlaksleeWorld

Postby Razzap Snookums » 16 Feb 2009, 19:29

Hey there boys and girls!
Are you bored while fishing?
Tired of the endless wait between SUR Catches?
Well then, I have Just the Cure! Come down to BlaksleeWorld, and catch the first two parts of my published novel, "The Healer of Taselon". I will be releasing new parts to the novel each week into my Custom Prize Giver. The books can be read as a HUD or rezzed in world for maximum enjoyment!
(BW) Healer of Taselon Part 001
(BW) Healer of Taselon Part 002
Read while in a marathon contest. Guaranteed to relieve the tedium of Fishing for those hard to get Custom Catches!

BlaksleeWorld Beach Custom Catchable s
List 021609
Mature Sim. Everyone, Furries and Dragons (and yes.. even robots.) are welcome

If you Level up (or hit an even 2K XP level for those in the HoF) at Blaksleeworld, IM me with your boast and you will receive a special award.

Customs Catches:
* indicates new Arrival

Razzap Snookums Customs:

* (BW) Healer of Taselon Part 001
* (BW) Healer of Taselon Part 002

(BW) Martian Flipper Fish
(BW) Space Fighter

(BW) Space Cruiser
(BW) Space Interceptor
(BW) Bang-Zoom to the Moon!
(AFC & BW) Green Cheese

BigJohn Trogiodite Customs:
BigJohn's Acid Fish Destroying Rod v2

Amara Twilight Customs:
(TC) Rare Salvage: Central MerCore
(TC) Ultra Rare Salvage: Silicone Jellyfish Implants
(TC) Uncommon Salavge: Android Spare Parts
(TC) Uncommon Salvage: Hydro-Electric Tail Segment
(TC) Blueprint: MerMech CyberMaid Blueprint (BWB)
(TC) Cosmic Mermaid [green-teal]
(TC) Cosmic Mermaid [purple-blue]
(TC) Cosmic Mermaid [yellow-bronze]
(TC) Cosmic Mermaid [red-orange]

Alice Xue Customs:
(Alice Xue) Will Work for Bait
(Alice Xue) Dragon Beach Rod

(Alice Xue) Emerald Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Ruby Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Sapphire Dragonfish

(Alice Xue) Gold Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Silver Flying Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Orange Tiger Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) White Tiger Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Valentines Dragonfish with a Balloon - LE 2009 (Available Feburary Only)

(Alice Xue) Razzap's Martian Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Sunburnt Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Doobie Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) We-got-Six Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Punk Rock Dragonfish (ultrarare)
(Alice Xue) Valentines Dragonfish in a Box - LE 2009 (Available Feburary Only)
(Alice Xue) Valentines Dragonfish with a Bow - LE 2009 (Available Feburary Only)

(Alice Xue) Tally the Counting Dragon
(Alice Xue) UK Jack the Shoulder Dragon
(Alice Xue) Merlin the Shoulder Dragon

Migizi North's Customs:
Migizi's Salvage: Medalion Red
Migizi's Salvage: Medalion Blue
Migizi's Salvage: Plasma Converter (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Navigational Array (Exclusive)
migizi's Space Dragon Gunboat (Exclusive)
Migizi's Space Martian Probe (Exclusive)
Migizi's Space Martian Surveyer (Exclusive)
migizi's RC Space Dragon Scout (trans) (Exclusive)

Migizi's Salvage: Captian Ahab fish 2
migizi's Salvage: Spanish Galleon
Migizi's Salvage: Captured Female Spirit
migizi's Salvage: Dragon Ship (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Deck Gun (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Captured Male Spirit
Migizi's Salvage: Hull (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Sail Plasma Generator (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Dragonwarp Drive (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Flight Deck (Exclusive)
Migizi's UltraRare Salvage:Squid
Migizi's UltraRare Salvage: Nautilus
Migizi's UltraRare Salvage:Spool of Ectoplasmic String
Migizi's Demikraken
Migizi's Republikraken
Migizi's New Resident Fish
migizi's UltraRare: Flying Saucer Fish
Migizi's Borg Fish
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Brig
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Galleon
migizi's UltraRare Space Pirate Corsair
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Junk
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Spanish Galleon
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Frigate
migizi's Space Dragon Scout (Exclusive)
migizi's Space Dragon Corvette (Exclusive)
migizi's Space Dragon Destroyer (Exclusive)
migizi's Space Dragon Heavy Cruiser (Exclusive)
Migizi's Space Martian Transport (Exclusive)
Migizi's RC Space Martian Probe (Exclusive)
Migizi's RC Space Martian Surveyer (Exclusive)

Migizi's Blueprint: Haunted Galleon AVi (Blakslee)
Migizi's Blueprint: Nautilus Fishing Rod (Blakslee)
Migizi's Blueprint: Space Pirate Dragon Dreadnought (Exclusive)
Migizi's Blueprint: Space Pirate Dragon Carrier AVi (Exclusive)
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Fishing Flying Saucer Fish
Migizi's Nautilus & Squid
Migizi's Nuclear Powered Catch Counter
Migizi's Linden GOD Fish
migizi's Space Dragon Battle Group (Exclusive)
migizi's Space Dragon Carrier (Exclusive)
migizi's Space Dragon Carrier 2 (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Gunboat (Exclusive)
Migizi's Salvage: Energy wings (Exclusive)
Migizi's RC Space Martian Transport (Exclusive)

And more being added all the time!
Razzap Snookums
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