I can't believe I did it either!

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I can't believe I did it either!

Postby Kattgrl Timeless » 20 Feb 2009, 20:20

Wow...doesn't seem like it's only been 24 hours ago...

because my partner and I have been busy, busy, busy! Too busy to even fish!! :o :shock:

But we have some cool customs thanks to our being so darn busy! ;)

4 T-shirts and a new entry in the Teacher series: the totally awesome Textbook Fish! Yeah, I'm braggin' a bit, but I do think it's pretty cool! I hope you will too! :D

So come out to Isla del Mar tomorrow from 1-2 pm...because we're doing something different! I've noticed that a lot of people can't afford to give out huge prizes for contests, and also that contests are becoming less and less about fun and more and more about winning the big pots. So at Isla del Mar, we're putting fun back into fishing! Customs are the prizes for the top 3 and everyone on the board at the end gets a little monetary gift of 50L. This week, it'll be the Textbook Fish and two of the t-shirts (let us know if you're easily offended - some of the shirts are a bit risque!). Come prepared to just enjoy a nice sim and hopefully good conversation and good tunes with other fun fishing enthusiasts like yourselves!
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