Fishing Paradise (New Area)

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Fishing Paradise (New Area)

Postby Armand Inshan » 06 Mar 2009, 11:15

Hello, I am Armand

Now I don't know about you but I was tired of SL drama popping up when I logged on. Im after Im of just spam and clutter filled sims. Well I did something about it and created my own sim...where people could relax in peace. Romantic and fantasy filled location in the middle of a winter wonderland. Where you can fish and explore till your hearts desire if you wish...while I am new the ground is still being worked on. Still the floating castle is in full operation and you can visit when ever you like. As I finish the ground more 7seas spots will open and contest soon to follow.

Please, if you have any suggestions please IM Armand Inshan or Smokengunz Titanium
Armand Inshan
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