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New fishing area in Caledon Stormhold!

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2009, 11:31
by Jaz Beverly
There is a new 7 Seas fishing area with a beautiful view from the southeast corner of Caledon Stormhold. ... /242/35/22

Rest on a log or the pier, gaze across the bay and watch Nessie swim by while you relax. A quiet, peaceful spot. Great for a picnic, to hang out with friends, or bring that special someone to fish under the stars. :D Dress in Caledon is traditionally Victorian Steampunk, but all are welcome to come as you are. Should you desire to dress the part and have nothing handy, stop first at the Victoria City freebie area ( ... 128/128/25), for fine clothing and miscellaneous gadgetry for both ladies and gents.

Select list of Aruba custom catchables includes:

*AFC* Aruba #088 Galaxy Rod
*AFC* Aruba #022a Common Salvage: Seat
*AFC* Aruba #072-077e Common Salvage: Balloon
*AFC* Aruba #072f Red Zeppelin BP
*AFC* Aruba #073f Yellow Zeppelin BP

*AFC* Aruba #022c Uncommon Salvage: Lasergun
*AFC* Aruba #063 Puss in Boots
*AFC* Aruba #072-077d Uncommon Salvage: Hangler
*AFC* Aruba #074f Purple Zeppelin BP

*AFC* Aruba #087 Crazy Crayon Rod
*AFC* Aruba #028 Flying Carpet - Rare
*AFC* Aruba #022f Rare Outerspace Blueprint
*AFC* Aruba #072-077c Rare Salvage: Rad
*AFC* Aruba #075f Blue Zeppelin BP

*AFC* Aruba #002 Bicycle Race
*AFC* Aruba #022d UR Salvage: Ship
*AFC* Aruba #022e UR Salvage: Pilot
*AFC* Aruba #072-077b UR Salvage: Flag
*AFC* Aruba #090 AFC - Mermouses
*AFC* Aruba #076f Green Zeppelin BP

*AFC* Aruba #022b SUR Salvage: Engine
*AFC* Aruba #072-077a SUR Salvage: Elephant
*AFC* Aruba #077f Pink Zeppelin BP
*AFC* Aruba #099 Lightning McQueen Rod I

[[[[[b]Customer Service Kudos... as those who read this post on March 10 or 11 will attest, I accidentally auto returned (dratted parcel settings) Aruba's fine customs, but the WONDERFUL folks at Aruba had it all back in working order in no time at all, and didn't even grumble! I couldn't possibly say enough about how wonderful Cazzy Halasy and ItsJust Wise are. It is such a pleasure to be their customer! :D ]]]]