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Custom Prize list at Doobie

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2009, 08:59
by Zoz Quandry

Wii Rapala tournament Fishing
animated lighthouse window
african art wall
1979Year of the Child Ethiopian Coin
seasickness simulation cube
animal hide cabin welcome sign
Ethiopan Coin 2
Zoz's Prizes:Ethiopian Coin 1
Zoz's Prizes:boxoflove
Quandry Candles 06
Quandry Candles 04
world rugs 7
carved fish


1st small box of sounds
african cloth hanging3
bamboo flute with 8 sounds
bobmarley window
Map of Africa burnt into wood
Rainstick with sound
rasta patches framed
zoz's didgeridoo

ultra rare
Primeval bits (inworld streaming album & player)
Framed Bob Marley Uk Music Mag covers with Exodus sound loop
zoz's jungle loop selector
2nd small box of sounds
fishing spot welcome sign
drying fishing net
shellseekers bucket (no sound version)
extra tackle box (no sound version)

superultra rare
25 fishing area sounds
simscapes one boxed (inworld streaming album & player)
Dub & Reggae Album Covers (art book)
3rd small box of sounds