Migizi's Haunted Pirate Island custom list

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Migizi's Haunted Pirate Island custom list

Postby Migizi North » 20 Mar 2009, 08:07

Ahoy mates!
All ye adventurous seafaring folk be welcome to experience Migizi's haunted pirate island in the Beek Waters Estate. Here there be 7Seas fishing from anywhere on the island. Furries and children be prohibited from the estate. I will tell ye that mer-folk have been known to frequent the waters of the Beek estate and might be encountered at any time.

The Beek Waters Estate be a pirate role play estate so be warned PIRATE GARB IS REQUIRED! Free pirate garb can be found on the docks near the gear vendor, or ye may wish to make a shopping expedition to Beek Haven where the plunder o many a rich merchant ship be fer sale.

Below ye'll find a list o the treasures what can be caught while fishing at me islands.

Migizi & Mermaid: Mini Migizi

migizi's Uncommon: Treasure Map in a Bottle

migizi's Rare: Pirate's Galleon
migizi's Rare: Pirate's Brig
migizi's Rare merchant Corsair
migizi's Rare merchant Gunboat
migizi's Rare Pirate's Corsair
migizi's Rare Pirate's Gunboat
migizi's Rare merchant Junk
Migizi's Salvage: Medalion Red
Migizi's Salvage: Medalion Blue
Migizi's Santa Fishie
Migizi's bunny wars
Migizi's Sea Puppy leprechaun
Migizi's Spider Pumpkin
Migizi's Spider Piggy
Migizi's Mini Me with a bunny
Migizi's Surfer Fish
migizi's Dragon Longboat
Migizi'sSea Kitten
Migizi's Ghost of a fish dinner
Migizi's WindSurfer Fish
Migizi's Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble
Migizi's New Resident Fish
Migizi's Sailing into a Happy New Year
Migizi's Doctor Fish
Migizi's Fish & Chips
Migizi's Hobo Clam

migizi's UltraRare: Pirate Galleon
migizi's UltraRare: Pirate Brig
migizi's UltraRare Pirate Corsair
migizi's UltraRare Pirate Gunboat
migizi's UltraRare: Spanish Galleon
migizi's UltraRare: Haunted Spanish Galleon
migizi's UltraRare battle damaged Junk
migizi's UltraRare Pirate Fishing ship
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Frigate
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Junk
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Galleon
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Spanish Galleon
migizi's UltraRare Space Pirate Corsair
migizi's UltraRare: Space Pirate Brig
Migizi's Salvage: Captian Ahab fish 2
migizi's Salvage: Spanish Galleon
Migizi's Salvage: Captured Female Spirit
Migizi's Salvage: Captured Male Spirit
migizi's UltraRare: Flying Saucer Fish
Migizi's Acountant fish
Migizi's New Resident Fish
Migizi's Demikraken
Migizi's Republikraken
Migizi's Elusive Bassalope
Migizi's Santa & Rudolph Fishie
Migizi's Santa Snow Flake Delivery Service
migizi's UltraRare: Christmas Frigate
Migizi's Calvary Battle Bunny
Migizi's Pucky's Balloon ride
Migizi's Micro Corsair
Migizi's Aussie Fish
Ice Fishing Bone jig Rod
Migizi's Linden GOD Fish
Migizi's Old OLD Ironclad
Migizi's Nuclear Powered Catch Counter
Migizi's Convict Fish
Migizi's Wheelchair Fish
Migizi's Hungry Piranha 2
Migizi's Borg Fish
Migizi's Undertaker Fish
Migizi's UltraRare Salvage: Nautilus
Migizi's UltraRare Salvage:Squid
Migizi's UltraRare Salvage:Spool of Ectoplasmic String

migizi's SuperUltraRare Captian Ahab's Gunboat
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Ghost Galleon
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Ghost Brig
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Treasure Galleon
migizi's SuperUltraRare Ghost Gunboat
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Spanish Treasure Galleon
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Flying Dutchman Galleon
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Spanish Party Galleon
migizi's SuperUltraRare Ghost Corsair
Migizi's Blueprint: Haunted Galleon AVi (Pirate island)
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Fishing Flying Saucer Fish
Migizi's Dr. Suess Fish
Migizi's Hockey Fish
Migizi's Santa chasing Pucky
Migizi's Gift giving Santa & Rudolph Fishie
Migizi's SuperUltraRare Racing Fish 2
Migizi's Nautilus & Squid
Migizi's Emergency Response Bassalope
migizi's Spanish Party Galleon
Migizi's Life raft
Migizi's skull & bones 5 rod holder
Migizi's Mini Me
Migizi's Fishie Minisub
Migizi's Mini Mig & micro Mig
Migizi's Spider Web Earring Box
Migizi's Spider Web Necklace Box
migizi's Mini me Gunboat
Migizi's Blueprint: Haunted Galleon AVi
Migizi's SuperUltraRare Blueprint:Nautilus Fishing Rod
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