5 New Spring Customs at CC's!

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5 New Spring Customs at CC's!

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 20 Mar 2009, 17:54

New Releases for Spring -
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Floral Fountain Cap (tracks casts)
(CC) Rare Fish: Yellow Spring Fish (bounce & sound)
(CC) Rare Fish: Blue Spring Fish (bounce & sound)
(CC) Rare Fish: SEAster Basket (pastel colorshift)
(CC) BountyPrize Fish: Goldfish Rainbow (catch posted fish)

Here is the Latest custums list for items available to be caught at CC's Tiki Beach Fishing Area
*Please Read Chat Message when wearing any CC custom. Many features are explained in this message!*

(CC) Common Fish: Oreo Fish
(CC) Common Fish: Watchful Octopus (radar)
(CC) Common Fish: One Eye Open (anti-afk)
(CC) Common Fish: Amethyst Heart Fish (heartbeat)
(CC) Common Fish: Sapphire Heart Fish (heartbeat)
(CC) Common Fish: Fortune Fish (random fortune text)
(CC) Common Fish: Tuna in Spring Water (dolphin safe)
(CC) Common Fish: Colorful Crabby (changes colors)
(CC) Common Fish: Happy Seagull (drops a surprise)
(CC) Common Fish: Annoying Newt (noisemaker tongue)
(CC) Common Stuff: Scuba Outfit (use on Scuba ride in my area)
(CC) Common Salvage: Hat Ribbon
(CC) Common Salvage: Emerald Hat Band
(CC) Common Salvage: Sushi Roll

(CC) Uncommon Fish: Crab Cake (animated)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Trunk Fish (animated)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Discarded Fish (particle flies)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: LOL Jellyfish (animated)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Pineapple Upsidedown Koi
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Emerald Heart Fish (heartbeat)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Ruby Heart Fish (heartbeat)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Gold Plated Fish (bling)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Turtle Wax
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Silver Bling Squid V2 (animated/bling)
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Jade Necklace (particle emitter)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Rainbow Koi (changes colors)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: IOU Oyster
(CC) Uncommon Salvage: Red Coral
(CC) Uncommon Salvage: Model Rocket
(CC) Uncommon Salvage: Chopsticks
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: Samurai Hat Box (needs red coral, sake bottle and hat ribbon)
(CC & AFC) Uncommon Blueprint: Phantom Hat Box (needs mini rod, organ player, emerald hat band and green coral)
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: TNT Hat Box (need stick o dyno, red flare and model rocket)
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: Sushi Hat Box (needs Chopsticks, Sushi Roll, Bowl of Rice & Dish of Wasabi)
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: SeaHag Hat Box (needs shrunken skull, fish bones, some old burlap and magic pumpkin seeds)

(CC) Rare Fish: Yellow Spring Fish (bounce & sound)
(CC) Rare Fish: Blue Spring Fish (bounce & sound)
(CC) Rare Fish: SEAster Basket (pastel colorshift)
(CC) Rare Fish: Anchor Fish (anchors AV)
(CC) Rare Fish: Birthday Fish (interactive candle)
(CC) Rare Fish: Gold Dancer Fish (dance ball)
(CC) Rare Fish: Silver Dancer Fish (dance ball)
(CC) Rare Fish: Black Lagoon Fish (particle emitter)
(CC) Rare Fish: GoldFish Bowl (comments in chat)
(CC) Rare Fish: Parrot-Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) Rare Fish: Tropical Fish (touch for drink menu)
(CC) Rare Fish: Shifty Heart Fish (heartbeat, colorshift)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Starfruit Buddy (poofs on command)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Sleeps With The Fishies Jammies
(CC) Rare Stuff: Prize Pot Fishbowl (for fishing contests)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Beach Towel Collection Bx (set of 7)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Bathing Suit Collection Bx (set of 6)
(CC) Rare Salvage: Sake Bottle
(CC) Rare Salvage: Stick O Dyno
(CC) Rare Salvage: Shrunken Skull
(CC) Rare Salvage: Some Old Burlap

(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Floral Fountain Cap (tracks casts)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: King Catfish (sounds)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: ClockWork Steelhead (functional)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: ClockWork Brass (functional)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Floating Fish (particle water)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Chain of Love (heartbeat)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Bottle-Nosed Dolphin (gives vodka on touch)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Colorshift Flipping Dolphin
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Sail-Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Poof & Go Fish (particle emitter)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: New Card Shark (opal bling on teeth)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: New Swordfish (change color on command)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Fishy Flambe (particle fire)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Pro Casting Gesture (auto caster)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Calamari Counting Cap (tracks casts)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Fishing Gesture Collection Bx (set of 10)
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Green Coral
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Red Flare
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Dish of Wasabi
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Fish Bones
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Bowl of Rice (particle steam)
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Magic Pumpkin Seeds
(CC) UltraRare Rod: Whack A Fish! (club)
(CC) UltraRare Rod: CC's Tiki Beach Rod BX Set (w/tiny version)

(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Orange Flying Fish (sounds & particles)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Green Flying Fish (temp missiles)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Blue Formula Fish (sounds & particles)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Red Formula Fish (sounds & particles)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Phantom Fish (sounds, disappearing)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Canoeing Carp
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Baby Turtle Train
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Swamp Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Movin' Upstream (comments in chat)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Bonefish Quartet (poofs on command)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Stuff: Angel-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Stuff: Devil-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Butterfly Net (dance around with net)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Fishing Tail -Brown Calico BX (animations & sounds)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Fishing Tail -Grey Abyssinian BX (animations & sounds)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Fishing Tail -Orange Tabby BX (animations & sounds)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Fishing Tail -Black Bombay BX (animations & sounds)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Rod of the Gods (music)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Neon Beach Rod (animated, colorshift)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Deluxe Whack A Fish! (mace)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Slice A Fish! (katana)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Stab A Fish! (spear)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Filet A Fish! (crescent)

(CC) CampingPrize Fish: Dead Man Fishing (camp on rock)
(CC) BountyPrize Fish: Goldfish Rainbow (catch posted fish)

Buildable Fancy Fishing Hats:
(CC & AFC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Phantom Mouse' (plays music)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Samurai Koi' (item giver)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'CC TNT' (launches rockets)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Sushi Delite' (particle steam)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Casting SeaHag' (plays sounds)

Friends Items catchable at CC's:
(NN) Uncommon Fish: Murray the saxophone eel grey
(NN) Uncommon Fish: Bagpiping puffer fish brown
(NN) Rare Catch: Frenchie the Frog light green
(NN) Rare Fish: Drummer Kraken Blue
(NN) Rare Fish: E-Bass Green
*AFC* Aruba #017 F1 Croc Red
*AFC* Aruba #021 Fishdropper
*AFC* Aruba #049 Tanker in Distress
*AFC* Aruba #028 Flying Carpet
*AFC* Aruba #031 Industrial Fishing
*AFC* Aruba #047 Speed Fishers
(RA) Spongebob "Rare"
(RA) Crabs "UltraRare"
(RA) Patrick Star "UltraRare"
(RA) Squidward "UltraRare"
(RA) Ultra Rare Fish: Mini Seal Team 7
(RA) Spongebob Crew "SuperUltraRare"
(Alice Xue) Sapphire Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Emerald Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Ruby Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Silver Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Gold Dragonfish
(HH) Rare: Zydrate Bug Sapphire Bling
(BMB) Common Fish: Wacca-Wacca
(BMB) UltraRare Fish: Place Fish Here
(BMB) SuperUltraRare Fish: Frienship Baear-Pagoda

-Random Orb Prizes: (not catchable)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Emerald Goldfish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Topaz Goldfish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Amethyst Goldfish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Sapphire Goldfish
(CC) Common Stuff: LOL Rock (rez on ground)
(CC) Common Fish: Demo Fish (emits particles)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Titanic Necklace (particle emitter)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Koi Tatoo (full back tatoo)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Psychedelic Diving Dolphin (changes colors)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Tuna Can Roller Skates Set
(CC) Rare Stuff: Dive & Salvage Suit Bx
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: TortoiseShell Glasses
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Ladies FishNet Bx
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Pirate Wench Costume
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Dolphin Tatoo (shoulder tatoo)
(CC) Common Stuff: Teal Rotating Floaty Tube (sit and spin)
(CC) Common Stuff: Purple Rotating Floaty Tube (sit and spin)
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Tropical Floral Dress Bx
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Tropical Reef Dress Bx
(CC) Common Fish: Calico Koi
(CC) Common Stuff: White & Red JetSki
(CC) Common Stuff: Green JetSki
(CC) Common Stuff: Blue JetSki
(CC) Rare Stuff: Water Nymph Outfit
(CC) Rare Stuff: Blue Wave Dress Bx
(CC) Common Stuff: BumbleBee Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: Skull Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: Sunset Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: Autumn Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: GreenSea Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: Leopard Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: Platinum Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: Striped Bikini Set
(CC) Common Fish: Christmas Koi
(CC) Common Stuff: Ocean Color Contacts
(CC) Common Stuff: Rainbow Reef Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Grass Mat Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Shark Reef Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Coral Reef Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Seaweed Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Anenome Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Aquatic Beach Towel
(CC) Common Stuff: Wee Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Common Stuff: Addicted Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Whopper Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Wow Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Frog Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Love Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: F-off Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Win Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Stuff: Shark Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Stuff: Whale Gesture (custum chat pic)
Come catch my new customs at CC's Fish Factory http://slurl.com/secondlife/Symbiotic/36/141/25
SL Marketplace merchant, view all my (CC)PG's at: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/24038
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