Customs At [IFZ] Infinity Fishing Zone

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Customs At [IFZ] Infinity Fishing Zone

Postby Gaidion Priestman » 25 Mar 2009, 20:26

Common Prizes
[IFZ] Gummi Conga Line
[IFZ] Count Eggula
[IFZ] Odd Fishie Out
[IFZ] Fish Saving Fish
[IFZ] Swimming Fish
[IFZ] Gods Help Me Fish
[IFZ] Drunk Fish
[IFZ] Glow Fish
[IFZ] Bogart Fish
[IFZ] Iz not zupr Kitty
[IFZ] The Prize

Uncommon Prizes
[IFZ] Infinity Fish
[IFZ] Dog Fish
[IFZ] Drunken Gummi Conga Line
[IFZ] Shark Rod
[IFZ] Dragon Bug
[IFZ] Indignities of Life
[IFZ] Dragon under glass
[IFZ] Just a Little Fish
[IFZ] Dragon Swimmer
[IFZ] Creeper Score Keeper
[IFZ] New Friends
[IFZ] What are you?
[IFZ] I haz more NOW!
[IFZ] On guard
[IFZ] Home in death
[IFZ] Shazzam!
[IFZ] Gandolf the Green
[IFZ] Angel Kitty
[IFZ] Puss In Boots Egghead
[IFZ] Devil Kitty

Rare Prizes
[IFZ] Blue School Crazy
[IFZ] Addicted Fish
[IFZ] Killer Shark with Prey
[IFZ] Killer Shark Hunting
[IFZ] Infinity Fire Fish
[IFZ] Tart Egghead
[IFZ] Tax Accountant
[IFZ] Killer Tax Audit
[IFZ] Shark Busters
[IFZ] Kissing Bugs
[IFZ] Bug Swarm Score Keeper
[IFZ] Dead Easter Bunny Limited
[IFZ] Easter Dog Limited
[IFZ] Easter Bunny Limited
[IFZ] Easter Whipping Basket Limited
[IFZ] Running Scared School
[IFZ] Dragon's Chickie
[IFZ] Rooster Suprise
[IFZ] Giddy Up Kitty
[IFZ] Shhh It's Dinner Time
[IFZ] I Wants Toys!
[IFZ] What's up Doc?
[IFZ] Mine All Mine
[IFZ] Whatcha mean parties over?
[IFZ] Move in he took the bait!
[IFZ] Here fishie fishie
[IFZ] Foolish Mutt
[IFZ] Mouse? What mouse?
[IFZ] Sweet Sue Bunny
[IFZ] Tiger Flutterbunny

Ultra Rare Prizes
[IFZ] Infinity Crazy Fish
[IFZ] Dolphin Brat *Ginkobaluberry*
[IFZ] Neko Egghead
[IFZ] Dreamer Egghead
[IFZ] Good Day Fishin Egghead
[IFZ] Gone Fishin Egghead
[IFZ] Sheriff Egghead
[IFZ] Scrambled Egghead
[IFZ] Bug Swarm
[IFZ] Catch Counter Hat
[IFZ] Egg Judgement
[IFZ] Rocker Bunny
[IFZ] Just a Little Sting
[IFZ] Hard Day Fighting
[IFZ] Martian Kitty
[IFZ] Princess Zolo Kitty
[IFZ] Roasted Flutterbunny

Super Ultra Rare Prizes
[IFZ] Easter Hat
[IFZ] Cattle Rustler Egghead
[IFZ] Armed Egghead
[IFZ] Fish Wrangler
[IFZ] Hanging Around
[IFZ] Stupid Dog I Win!
[IFZ] Playing with Fire
[IFZ] You Talkin To Me?
[IFZ] Hell's Revenge
[IFZ] Wrath of Heaven
[IFZ] Cpt. Black Heart Meow
[IFZ] Get-A-Long Little Doggie[color=#800080]
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