New Customs for Felisetopia Island

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New Customs for Felisetopia Island

Postby Kosh Magic » 30 Mar 2009, 03:10

Here's a complete list of custom catches for Felisetopia Island. Remember that I usually add more every few days, so this list could get outdated quickly.

Felisetopia Island's Custom Catch List.
Updated 25 June, 2009


*FI* Common Aloha Fish
*FI* Common Cheesy Goldfish Cracker
*FI* Common Lucky Horse Shoe
*FI* Common Sun Buddy
*FI* Common White Pearl
*FI* Common Going Home Fish
*FI* Common Goldfish Bench
*FI* Common Kitty Cat Dance (Gesture)
*FI* Common Komen Fish Swimming For The Cause
*FI* Common Fishy Balloon Bunch
*FI* Common Oh No You Didn't! (Gesture)
*FI* Common Think Fish
*FI* Common Candy Fish, Key Lime Pie
*FI* Common Candy Fish, Pink Cotton Candy
*FI* Common Blueprint: Neko Fishing Hat
*FI* Common Professional Apple: Computer Geek Apple


*FI* Rare Beautiful Bronze Fish
*FI* Rare Black Pearl
*FI* Rare Flaring Betta Red
*FI* Rare Heart Buddy
*FI* Rare Purple Dragon Horns
*FI* Rare Purple Dragon Tail
*FI* Rare Phantom Phish
*FI* Rare Party Fish
*FI* Rare Shoulder Oyster
*FI* Rare Smiling Shamrock
*FI* Rare Soldier Fish
*FI* Rare Pizza Delivery!
*FI* Rare Candy Fish, Grape
*FI* Rare Salvage: Captain's Catch Neko Food


*FI* SuperUltraRare 24 Carat Gold Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Chocolate Easter Bunny
*FI* SuperUltraRare Rix Horns w/Ribbons Black
*FI* SuperUltraRare Rix Horns w/Ribbons Gray
*FI* SuperUltraRare Lion Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Breast Cancer Awareness Rod
*FI* SuperUltraRare No Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Spring Has Sprung Rod
*FI* SuperUltraRare Angel Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Spring Gardening Fish
*FI* SuperUltraRare Dorkfish Boy
*FI* SuperUltraRare Candy Fish, Pomegranate
*FI* SuperUltraRare Salvage: Tube of Hairball Remedy
*FI* SuperUltraRare Dorkfish Girl
*FI* SuperUltraRare Professional Apple: CEO Apple


*FI* UltraRare Moon Buddy
*FI* UltraRare Cloud Buddy
*FI* UltraRare Flaring Betta Bluish-Green
*FI* UltraRare Kitty Paw Fishing Rod
*FI* UltraRare Kosh's Star Buddy
*FI* UltraRare Sterling Silver Fish
*FI* UltraRare Steampunk Fish
*FI* UltraRare Pangur's Freedom Heart Choker
*FI* UltraRare Angel Heart
*FI* UltraRare Devil May Care
*FI* UltraRare Candy Fish, Blueberry Crumble
*FI* UltraRare Salvage: Ball Of Yarn


*FI* Uncommon Easter Basket
*FI* Uncommon Flaring Betta Black
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Blue
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Gold
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Green
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Indian Red
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Pink
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Purple
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Rainbow
*FI* Uncommon No Drama Fish Spotty White
*FI* Uncommon Tiger Fish
*FI* Uncommon Rainbow Koi
*FI* Uncommon Dorkfish Bait
*FI* Uncommon Snap! (Gesture)
*FI* Uncommon Candy Fish, Orange Cream
*FI* Uncommon Clueless
*FI* Uncommon Professional Apple: Dr. Apple
*FI* Uncommon Professional Apple: Sgt. Apple

Crafted Items:

*FI* Neko Fishing Hat
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