7Seas Fishing at Raglan!

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7Seas Fishing at Raglan!

Postby Chaffro Schoonmaker » 31 Mar 2009, 23:49

Raglan Shire is a cluster of seven associated sims (all PG) of primarily tiny fun! Now two years old (as of April 2009), the Shires have grown into a burgeoning community of some of the best Artisans and content creators around the grid. Whilst tiny-centric, we welcome anyone of any height, size, age or species!

We've recently given our fishing spots a major overhaul, and have introduced a host of new fish species to our numerous canals and waterways!

If you are tiny, you can use any of the deck chairs at our primary fishing spot on the wharf of Heron Shire. If you are bigger, you can use the crates as seats instead. You can of course also rez a boat to fish from the bay, if you wish .

NOTE: Many of these fish are designed to be worn by tiny avatars by Default, but if you're not tiny, you should be able to find good attachment points on a regular size avatar too.


Heron Shire

Coastal Fort Dock


(Funny Bunny) Common Fish: Wafflefish
(Funny Bunny) Common Fish: Raglan Urchin
(Delight) Common Fish: Mermisa Catfish

(Funny Bunny) Uncommon Fish: Waffle Urchin
(Funny Bunny) Uncommon Fish: 8-Bit Fish
(Willow Creek) Uncommon Fish: Raglan Balloon Fish
(Zephyr's) Uncommon Fish: Kissing Love Parrot Fish

(Funny Bunny) Rare Fish: Hot Pink Valentine Fish
(AzFish) Rare Fish: Bubble Wrap Fish

(Funny Bunny) UltraRare Fish: Black Heart Valentine
(Funny Bunny) UltraRare Fish: Oyster*
(TAMA) UltraRare Fish: Endangered Raglan Tiny Sturgeon
(KA) UltraRare Fish: Winged Seahorse
(KG) UltraRare Fish: Karma's Smore Fisherman with Rainbow Trout
(MD) UltraRare Fish: Martini's Yellow Submarine

(Funny Bunny) SuperUltraRare Stuff: Golden Otter Award

Also available: apparel, boats, rafts (tinies only)

*Oyster should not be worn, decoration only (14 prims).

We also have a Bounty Hunt board! If you catch the required fish, you will get not only the standard 7Seas reward medal, but also a Raglan's Most Wanted fish-skeleton medal!


Morning Shire

Nightfire Engineering


(RN) Common Fish: Exploration R.O.V.
(RN) Common Salvage: A Stick
(RN) Uncommon Fish: Salvage R.O.V.
(RN) Uncommon Salvage: Rusted Steel
(RN) Uncommon Blueprint: Scroll of Mystery
(RN) Rare Salvage: Potion of Restoration
(RN) Ultrarare Salvage: Box of Loot

I left the final completed salvage item as a mystery

Lorimae's Catbox


(LU) Rare Lori's Green Plate of Waffles
(LU) Rare Lori's Blue Plate of Waffles
(LU) Rare Lori's Pink Plate of Waffles
(LU) SuperUltraRare Lori's Teddy

Accessories also available: include Tinies Acorn Boat (pink, blue, purple, white), Tinies Cowboy Raft (green, brown, purple, blue), Tinies Daisy Raft

Violet's Bakery & Fishing Hole


(Violet's) Uncommon: Fish Pie


Raglan Shire

Raglan scientists have recently discovered brand new species of fish amongst the waterways of the central Shire sim. With fish breeding at nearby establishments including Tiny Inc and Cheekybug, the rivers, canals and streams around this sim have see a host of new fish take to the waters.

We have our 7Seas server crate at 141,169 at Raglan Shire, allowing for fishing in almost all of our rivers on this sim 100m from this point.


(Funny Bunny) Rare Fish: Hot Pink Valentine Fish

(Funny Bunny) Uncommon Stuff: Raglan Fisheries Hat (Green)
(Funny Bunny) Uncommon Stuff: Raglan Fisheries Hat (Red)
(Funny Bunny) Uncommon Stuff: Raglan Fisheries Hat (Purple)

(TI) UltraRare Fish: Jelly Elly Fish
(Cheekybug) UltraRare Fish: Blue Finny Cheekybug Fish

(Funny Bunny) SuperUltraRare: Black Heart Valentine Fish


Raglan Galaxy


A small island in the middle of a big sea! Our 7Seas server crate is on the island at the centre, allowing for fishing in almost all of the sea.

No custom fish available on this sim at this time


Raglan Commons

Willow Creek


Common Fish: Yellow Balloon Fish
Common Fish: Green Balloon Fish
Common Fish: Red Balloon Fish
Common Fish: Blue Balloon Fish

Uncommon Fish: Pink Balloon Fish
Uncommon Fish: Purkle Balloon Fish
Uncommon Fish: Orange Balloon Fish

Rare: Fish Roasting Marshmallows
Rare: Rainbow Balloon Fish

UltraRare: Secret Blueprint

Special Avatar Salvage also available, but it's secret!

Fishing apparel also available (tinies only)

Tiny Lady Waders (teal, rose, lemon), Tiny Male Waders (black), Fisherbeasts Hat (three sizes, free)


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