Tall Mountain 7Seas Fishing

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Tall Mountain 7Seas Fishing

Postby Stixguy Nightfire » 07 Apr 2009, 20:23

Join us at Tall Mountain for island and underwater fishing! Tall Mountain is a resort designed around relaxation and recreation. Relax in a hammock on the beach, play some games, or tour the underwater area around the island.
Did I mention Fish? :)
Tall Mountain is pleased to offer our first line of custom prizes. Featuring original artwork and photography by Cybershaman420 Alter as well as clothing and other useful items!
To visit Tall Mountain, click http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cape%20Victoria/232/93/22
Current customs list:

Artwork - Fish #1 Lighted Sign
Artwork - Fish #2 Lighted Sign
Artwork - Osprey With Fish
Artwork - Perch
Artwork - Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
T-shirt - Irish #1
T-shirt - Irish #2


Artwork - Japanese Wave
Artwork - Sailboats on Daytona Beach
Artwork - Pelican
Artwork - Decorative Dharma Crate
T-shirt - Dicks Chips
T-shirt - The Cult Love Removal
T-shirt - The Cult Love


Artwork - Meditation 3D
Artwork - Mother Nature
Artwork - Native Fish
Body Part - Devil's Tail
Tattoo - Tribal Shark
Hoodie - Zetas Place
Jersey - Zetas Place


Artwork - Cloned To Kill
Artwork - Silver Surfer Comet Push
Artwork - Silver Surfer 6
Artwork - Silver Surfer - Ring Rip
Artwork - Silver Surfer 3D
Artwork - Silver Surfer 3D Close Up
Artwork - Silver Surfer - Comet Herding
Artwork - Silver Surfer - Shaka
Artwork - Wood Duck
Artwork - Manatee
Clothing - Mermaid Shell Top
Clothing - Tiny Jeans and Sneakers


Artwork - Osprey With Fish #2
Artwork - Salvador Dali's Persistence Of Memory
Avatar - Tiny Terrors - Freddy
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