*Pixie Bay* Narju Custom Catch List

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*Pixie Bay* Narju Custom Catch List

Postby Chelle Tuqiri » 26 Apr 2009, 08:47

(CC) Common Fish: Tuna in Spring Water (dolphin safe)
(CC) Common Fish: One Eye Open
(CC) Common Fish: Amythist Heart Fish
(CC) Common Fish: Fortune Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Gold Plated Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Turtle Wax
(CC) Rare Fish: GoldFish Bowl (comments in chat)
(CC) Rare Fish: Tropical Fish (touch for drink menu)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Starfruit Buddy (poofs on command)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Sleeps With The Fishies Jammies
(CC) Rare Stuff: Frog Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Love Gesture (custum chat pic)
(CC) Common Stuff: Sunset Bikini Set
(CC) Common Stuff: White & Red JetSki
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Green Flying Fish
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Swamp Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Pro Casting Gesture (auto caster)
(CC) Rare Fish: Silver Dancer Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Colorshift Flipping Dolphin
(CC) Common Fish: Happy Seagull (drops a surprise)
CC) Common Fish: Oreo Fish
(CC) Common Fish: Watchful Octopus
(CC) Uncommon Fish: LOL Jellyfish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Pineapple Upsidedown Koi
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Ruby Heart Fish
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: TNT Hat Box
(CC) Uncommon Salvage: Model Rocket
(CC) Rare Salvage: Stick O Dyno
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Red Flare
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Sail-Fish
(CC) Rare Fish: Parrot-Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) Rare Fish: Tropical Fish (touch for drink menu)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: New Card Shark (opal bling on teeth)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Fishy Flambe (particle fire)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Swamp Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Bonefish Quartet (poofs on command)
CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Whack A Fish! (whack fish or friend)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Butterfly Net (dance around with net)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Stuff: Devil-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)
migizi's Rare merchant Junk
Migizi's Convict Fish
Migizi's Linden GOD Fish

migizi's UltraRare: Haunted Spanish Galleon
migizi's UltraRare battle damaged Junk
Migizi's Borg Fish
Migizi's Emergency Response Bassalope

migizi's SuperUltraRare Captian Ahab's Gunboat
migizi's SuperUltraRare: Spanish Treasure Galleon
Migizi's Life raft
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