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Have you Built all the Fancy Fishing Hats at CC's?

PostPosted: 12 May 2009, 12:25
by Celeste Cazenove
There are lots of salvage and blueprints called 'hatboxes' available to be caught at CC's! Two of the Hatboxes require you to get salvage from other areas as well (they were joint project with other creators) So if your trying to complete the SeaHag Hatbox you need to go to Hells Holler for 2 salvage, and if your trying to complete the Phantom Hatbox you gotta go to Aruba for 2 salvage. The Hats are truly magnificent so they are well worth the collecting!

(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: Samurai Hat Box (needs red coral, sake bottle and hat ribbon)
(CC & AFC) Uncommon Blueprint: Phantom Hat Box (needs mini rod, organ player, emerald hat band and green coral)
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: TNT Hat Box (need stick o dyno, red flare and model rocket)
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: Sushi Hat Box (needs Chopsticks, Sushi Roll, Bowl of Rice & Dish of Wasabi)
(CC & HH) Uncommon Blueprint: SeaHag Hat Box (needs shrunken skull, fish bones, some old burlap and magic pumpkin seeds)
(CC) Uncommon Blueprint: Bubble Bowl Hat Box (needs Bag of Coral, Bag of Seashells & Bag of Goldfish)

and here are the 6 Hats you get by completing the blueprints...

(CC & AFC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Phantom Mouse' (plays music)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Samurai Koi' (item giver)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'CC TNT' (launches rockets)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Sushi Delite' (particle steam)
(CC & HH) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Casting SeaHag' (plays sounds)
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Bubble Bowl' (animated fish & bubbles)

Happy Fishing!