My two fishing areas

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My two fishing areas

Postby Tibbi Intikhab » 11 Jun 2009, 19:07

Edited and Updated

Now I'm having real fun. I now have two fishing areas.

1) Real water, customs and hopefully contests later. There's no vendor here just yet.

2) Prim pond on the ground, gear vendor, customs, and a couple of chickens just for fun.



I've been having fun learning to make sounds, gestures, general stuff.

Made a skybox for fishing. Includes a pool for fishing, with 'treading water' and 'back floating' poseballs that I made.

Thought I'd share.

No contests, I don't really have the prims for it. But I'll load the CPG will things I make.

Here is a start:

*** Tibbi's Custom Prize Giver... ***

*** Common Catches ***

*** Uncommon Catches ***
Shoulder Cupcake Duckie (lt shd, wearable)
Pink Fabric Texture

*** Rare Catches ***
Tiny Fishing Stick Rod (wear on tiny rt hand)

*** UltraRare Catches ***
suspensedrama gesture (The suspense, The drama)
holdsecrezzing Gesture (Hold it a sec, I'm rezzing)

*** SuperUltraRare Catches ***
rawbytes song gesture ("Rawbytes", word by me, sung to the tune of "Rawhide")
little fishie song gesture (Spencer Tracy's redition from "Captain's Courageous")

PG sim, so act accordingly. Quiet Catch Enforced.

Tibbi Intikhab
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