The Slow Rezz Cafe Antiques & Curios Shop

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The Slow Rezz Cafe Antiques & Curios Shop

Postby MincedMedia Clip » 15 Jun 2009, 18:40

We just installed a 7Seas fishing area and we offer custom catches.

Current Custom Catch List (updated 6/13/09):
:arrow: Minced Jewels - Bracelet Vintage Marine Life Beads
:arrow: SRC Booty - Pirate Gold Coin Piece
:arrow: SRC Box - Japanese Blue Swirl Cloisonne
:arrow: SRC Box - Pirate Captain Wood with Brass and Key
:arrow: SRC Lamp - Abstract Nautilus Shell
You can also buy transferable versions of our catches by the dock.

At the Slow Rezz Cafe, listen to mellow music and look at art. Shop the antiques, curios and collectibles in the back. Browse our unique rugs, bowls, Japanese Shoji screens, chests, vases, clocks, wall mirrors and other nicely textured decor for your home. Come back and visit often.

Please join one of our groups for notices and freebies.
Touch a kiosk on our porch or paste this address into your chat window and click on it

Too many groups? Follow us on Twitter:
We have special giveaways for Twitter followers who RT our posts.

Thank you for stopping by to visit the Slow Rezz and Kataniya Springs by the Shore.


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Slow Rezz Café Antiques & Curios Shop
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