New fishing area: Tropical island setting!

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New fishing area: Tropical island setting!

Postby Dace Feingold » 10 Aug 2009, 17:29

Hello there everyone! I would like to take a moment to promote a new fishing area at:

It is a nice little fence in parcel with a tropical island theme. We like to think our landscape offers a nice touch with all the sounds and atmosphere you would expect with on a tropical beach. We invite all serious, respectful fishers to come and have a good time. It is our goal to create a safe, PG atmosphere for families and those people that wish to get away from all the foul language, rude behavior and other offensive aspects of SL you might find on mainstream sims.

A few things you might wish to know before visiting: This is a residential parcel meaning it is my home so I would like to ask those visiting bother to read the rules and obey them. I don't think they are unreasonable. Secondly, its best viewed with all of your SL graphics turned up high. :3 Thirdly, Furry, Human and Neko are all welcome as long as the rules are obeyed. Although we will ask everyone play an AV 18 years or older.

The beach home is off limits to visitors, however there are other activities and objects around on the beach that are open for respectful use and fishing chairs set up along the dock and the lagoon area. Presently, we have no customs or contests to offer as this is a brand new experiment for us. However, if you are kind enough to come visit us and try your luck fishing we would like to add you should find very little lag, no shopping besides a 7 seas vendor and a pleasant area for your responsible and respectful fishing pleasure. Please excuse any of our dust as well, we are always trying to improve the experience and look of our land so some construction and add-ons can be expected.

Thank you all for reading and I hope that you will consider my little slice of paradise for your fishing needs!

Dace Feingold
Dace Feingold
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