New Menus For the New Year! 12 options on fish!

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New Menus For the New Year! 12 options on fish!

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 25 Dec 2009, 23:06

On New Years Day , I will be releasing the first batch of new updated fish at Tiki Beach! All Tiki Beach Fish pets will have New Menus with the following buttons: Score ON (contest results text)
Score OFF (contest text off)
Rez Clone (create temp double of fish)
Audio Emote (specific emote for fish with sound)
Go Home (homesick emote & LM to area caught)
Drop Object , Poofer, Particle Effect, OR Aquarium (depends on fish)
+ Normal 7S functions (bubble on, off, slow, fast, stop, nickname)
12 buttons in all on all fish pets, Tiki Beach list will be updated by New Years Day.

We are having a Grand Re-Opening Party on Tiki Beach on New Years Day at 3pm! We will have Contest and giveaways of updated fish. We will also release the 5 new Jellyfish!
There is also a 'Whats in the Box' game, 4 prize camping rocks, and Bounty Hunt Board on the beach!

Tiki Beach (CC) Customs:

(CC) Common Fish: Colorful Crabby
(CC) Common Fish: Oreo Fish
(CC) Common Stuff: LOL Rock (rez on ground)
(CC) Common Fish: Spam Fish
(CC) Common Fish: Fortune Fish
(CC) Common Fish: Watchful Octopus
(CC) Common Fish: Tuna in Spring Water (dolphin safe)
(CC) Common Fish: Happy Seagull (drops a surprise)
(CC) Common Stuff: Scuba Outfit
(CC) Common Fish: Annoying Newt
(CC) Common Fish: Emerald Goldfish
(CC) Common Fish: Topaz Goldfish
(CC) Common Fish: Sapphire Goldfish
(CC) Common Fish: Amethyst Goldfish
(CC) Common Fish: Amethyst Heart Fish
(CC) Common Fish: Sapphire Heart Fish

(CC) Uncommon Fish: Emerald Heart Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Ruby Heart Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Crab Cake
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Discarded Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: LOL Jellyfish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Gold Plated Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Pineapple Upsidedown Koi
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Trunk Fish
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Turtle Wax
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Silver Bling Squid V2
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Jade Necklace (particle emitter)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: Rainbow Koi (changes colors)
(CC) Uncommon Fish: IOU Oyster
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Typing Dessert Plate (wear)
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Typing Dinner Plate (wear)
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: TortoiseShell Glasses
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Ladies FishNet Bx
(CC) Uncommon Stuff: Dolphin Tatoo (shoulder tatoo)

(CC) Rare Fish: Shifty Heart Fish
(CC) Rare Fish: Pastel Seashell
(CC) Rare Fish: Yellow Spring Fish
(CC) Rare Fish: Blue Spring Fish
(CC) Rare Fish: Rainbow Spring Fish
(CC) Rare Fish: Anchor Fish
(CC) Rare Fish: Birthday Fish
(CC) Rare Stuff: Dive & Salvage Suit Bx
(CC) Rare Fish: Black Lagoon Fish (particle emitter)
(CC) Rare Fish: GoldFish Bowl (comments in chat)
(CC) Rare Fish: Parrot-Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) Rare Fish: Tropical Fish (touch for drink menu)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Starfruit Buddy (poofs on command)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Sleeps With The Fishies Jammies
(CC) Rare Stuff: Water Nymph Outfit
(CC) Rare Rod: Whack A Fish! (club)
(CC) Rare Fish: Colorshift Flipping Dolphin
(CC) Rare Rod: Slice A Fish! (katana)
(CC) Rare Rod: Filet A Fish! (crescent)
(CC) Rare Rod: Hook A Fish! (grapple)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Floral Fountain Cap (tracks casts)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Calamari Counting Cap (tracks casts)
(CC) Rare Fish: Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
(CC) Rare Stuff: Titanic Necklace (particle emitter)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Koi Tatoo (full back tatoo)
(CC) Rare Fish: Poof & Go Fish (particle emitter)
(CC) Rare Fish: New Card Shark (opal bling on teeth)
(CC) Rare Fish: Fishy Flambe (particle fire)
(CC) Rare Stuff: Bathing Suit Collection Bx (set of 6)
(CC) Rare Blueprint: Locked Treasure Chest

(CC) UltraRare Fish: Chain of Love
(CC) UltraRare Fish: King Catfish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Floating Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: New Swordfish (change color on command)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Blue Formula Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Red Formula Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Goldfish Rainbow
(CC) UltraRare Rod: Deluxe Whack A Fish! (mace)
(CC) UltraRare Rod: Deluxe Slice A Fish! (sword)
(CC) UltraRare Rod: CC's Tiki Beach Rod BX Set
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Dead Man Fishin
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Sail-Fish
(CC) UltraRare Rod: Butterfly Net
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Fishing Gesture Collection Bx (set of 10)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Angel-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)
(CC) UltraRare Stuff: Devil-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Phantom Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Purple Flying Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Orange Flying Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Green Flying Fish
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Canoeing Carp
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Swamp Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) UltraRare Fish: Movin' Upstream (comments in chat)
(CC) UltraRare Rod: Stab A Fish! (spear)
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Old Rusty Key

(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Bonefish Quartet (poofs on command)
(CC) SuperUltraRare Fish: Baby Turtle Train
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Rod of the Gods
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Neon Beach Rod
(CC & AFC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Phantom Mouse'
(CC & HH) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Casting SeaHag'
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Sushi Delite'
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Samurai Koi'
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'CC TNT'
(CC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Bubble Bowl'
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: Fire Spin Spears Bx Set
(CC) SuperUltraRare Rod: ColorChoice Fishing Tail & Ears Bx
Bounty Prize - (CC) Bounty Weapon Rod: Shoot'em Up Shotgun

Also visit Celestial Fishing for more custom catches by Celeste Cazenove.
Come catch my new customs at CC's Fish Factory
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Re: New Menus For the New Year! 12 options on fish!

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 12 Jan 2010, 04:39

Recently added 4 varieties of fishing tails and the shootem up shotgun to the SUR category.
The new bounty prize is now the Tiki Fish Tank Backpack, that does work with 'to aquarium' button on your fish.

I am currently working on upgrading the poles and fish of the Celestial List with new menus.
I hope you guys are enjoying these new upgrades, be sure to try all the menus out since each fish has unique options!
Come catch my new customs at CC's Fish Factory
SL Marketplace merchant, view all my (CC)PG's at:
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