New Collaborative Project from Tiki Beach and Aruba

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New Collaborative Project from Tiki Beach and Aruba

Postby Cazzy Halasy » 01 Jan 2009, 14:36

Hi Everyone,

Firstly Happy New Year to all 7 seas fishers and may 2009 be as productive as 2008, which im sure it will be.

Celeste and ItsJust have been busy working on a new project together which is now in the waters at ready to be caught. Its a Fancy Fishing Hat "Phantom Mouse": This is a very special Hat Box Blueprint, you need 2 pieces of Salvage from CC's Tiki Beach and 2 pieces of salvage from Aruba Fishing Club to build a very special Fancy Fishing Hat made by Celeste & ItsJust!

In order to craft this blueprint, You can catch the Phantom Hat Box blueprint at both locations and you'll need the following salvage: (CC)Emerald Hat Band, (CC)Green Coral, (AFC)Organ Player, (AFC)MiniRod

Its AWESOMEEEE, so lets see you all catching this!!!!!! ... 241/219/21

Cazzy, ItsJust and Celeste
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Cazzy Halasy
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Re: New Collaborative Project from Tiki Beach and Aruba

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 01 Jan 2009, 14:58

I am Celeste Cazenove and I approve this message :lol:

Here are the actual new catchables to be added to custums lists:
(CC & AFC) Uncommon Blueprint: Phantom Hat Box
(CC) Common Salvage: Emerald Hat Band
(CC) UltraRare Salvage: Green Coral
(AFC) Common Salvage: Organ Player
(AFC) UltraRare Salvage: MiniRod

Note: You can catch the Blueprint in either place, but have to complete the Blueprint at place that you caught it!

Have Fun!!
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Re: New Collaborative Project from Tiki Beach and Aruba

Postby 7Seas Sass » 01 Jan 2009, 17:26

What a neat idea. :) I wasn't too sure how to list this, so I just added at the bottom of the custom catches list for each area:
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