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New fishing spot - basement bounty (02/05/10)

PostPosted: 02 May 2010, 07:38
by Spankmy Boucher
Hidden away under my little shop ,a small ,messy but cosy fishing spot with some pretty unique catches suitable for anyone.
Heres my current list :-
(SW) Common Fish:Green Doom Fish
(SW)Common Fish:Angry noob complete with mini particle spammer !

(SW) Uncommon Fish:Purple Doom Fish
(SW) Uncommon stuff: Tardis pet with sounds

(SW) Rare Fish: School of doom fish tykes
(SW) Rare Fish:Red Doom Fish
(SW) Rare stuff:living flowers and vase shape/texture changing flowers
(SW)Rare Fish:Black Doom Fish
(SW)Rare stuff:Delias star (2D/3D art thing)

(SW) UltraRare Fish:Water Sprite with facelight on/off
(SW) UltraRare Fish:Star Sprite with facelight on/off

(SW)SuperUltra Rare stuff:Apple boots (boxed) Exclusive version of my "classic" range (for females)
(SW)SuperUltraRare Fish:Silverback Mother Doom Fish
(SW) SuperUltraRare stuff : Guardian Fisherman (boxed) Exclusive fishing version of my guardian statues

More to come as soon as I can think of something original (and with a bit of luck more prims and space for fishing !).