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New Fishing Area @ 1st Slave World

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2010, 15:33
by Ami Southpaw
Hello A/all,

Wanted to do a bit of promotion of the area that set up. We are a Auction house area so we do have a bit of rules of the area so here they are...

House Rules:
1.) Be Respectful at All times $ we Will be nice
2,) Always Speak In Local Chat (No IMs) (*NOTE: This is only to say the ones wearing the Slave World Slave tag should be talked to in Open only )
3.) Do Not Offer your own groups here (No Griefing)
4.) No Biting or Weapons to be Used
5.) No Visitor Nudity Remain Clothed

this is an Adult Sim but not to be seen as a Adult Play so please be warned

Feel free to visit us to see our place or to just come to fish and talk we will Welcome all ... /30/178/23