(CC) Custom Master List & CC's Fish Market (new area)

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(CC) Custom Master List & CC's Fish Market (new area)

Postby Celeste Cazenove » 04 Sep 2010, 20:51

-Here are all the (CC) Customs currently available including exclusive catches only available here at CC's Fish Market!
(519 total)
CC's Fish Market is right next to YR Fishing, you will get catches from 5 other creators here from cpgs in that fishing area.
-Look for the (CC) or *CC* to know its one of mine and use this list to collect them all! :D

http://slurl.com/secondlife/VIRTUAL%20I ... 166/145/21

(CC) Exclusives: (60 catches)
(CC) Non-Rod: Even More Grenade Belts BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Concussion Grenade Belts BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Incendiary Grenade Belts BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Frag Grenade Belts BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Tear Gas Grenade Belts BX
(CC) Non-Rod: DUAL QuickDraw SixShooters BX
(CC) Non-Rod: DUAL Walther PPK Handguns BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Ladies Revolver & Flashlight BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Glock Handgun w/silencer & Target BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Baretta Handgun & Flashlight BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Warthog Handgun & Target BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Anti-Aircraft Rocket Launcher
(CC) Non-Rod: Flower Power Floral Launcher
(CC) Non-Rod: Shroomtastic Fungus Launcher
(CC) Non-Rod: CowaMooka Bazooka
(CC) Non-Rod: Bunker Buster Bazooka
(CC) Non-Rod: Heavy Auto Assault Weapon
(CC) Non-Rod: DUAL Mac-10 Automatic BX
(CC) Non-Rod: DUAL M-3 Submachine Guns BX
(CC) Non-Rod: AK-47 Assault Rifle
(CC) Non-Rod: Heavy Chain Gun
(CC) Non-Rod: Roaring TommyGun
(CC) Non-Rod: Supershot Sniper Rifle
(CC) Non-Rod: MiniBow SchoolGirl Launcher
(CC) Non-Rod: MiniBow Skeleton Launcher
(CC) Non-Rod: MiniBow Noob Launcher
(CC) Rez-Rod: Rainbow Lovie Dovie Pole
(CC) Rez-Rod: Lovie Dovie Pole
*CC* SuperUltraRare Non-Rod: MiniBow RoboMaid Launcher
*CC* SuperUltraRare Non-Rod: Osmotic Energy Rifle
*CC* SuperUltraRare Non-Rod: Deuterium Energy Rifle
*CC* SuperUltraRare Non-Rod: Tactical Plasma Rifle v2
*CC* SuperUltraRare Fish: Celestial Turtles
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project- Meta Flora
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project -Centaurian Garden
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project -Takarian Crystals
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project -Borg Assimilation
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project -Spectrum Stix
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project- Hover Head
*CC* Rare Blueprint: PADD Project -United Federation
*CC* UltraRare Salvage: Technology Skill Badge
*CC* UltraRare Salvage: Engineering Skill Badge
*CC* UltraRare Salvage: Exobiology Skill Badge
*CC* UltraRare Salvage: Geography Skill Badge
*CC* SuperUltraRare Salvage: Geology Skill Badge
*CC* SuperUltraRare Salvage: Physics Skill Badge
*CC* SuperUltraRare Salvage: Biology Skill Badge
*CC* SuperUltraRare Salvage: Astronomy Skill Badge
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Lamda~
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Gamma~
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Alpha~
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Beta~
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Zeta~
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Iota~
*CC* Rare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Epsilon~
*CC* UltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Delta~
*CC* UltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Theta~
*CC* UltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Omega~
*CC* UltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Sigma~
*CC* UltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Omikron~
*CC* UltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Kappa~
*CC* SuperUltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Zeta~
*CC* SuperUltraRare Fish: Gift Delivery Droid ~Tau~

-PADD Projects (from completed PADD bp's)
*CC* Interactive Hover Head Buddy
*CC* United Federation of Fishies
*CC* Non-Rod: Spectrum Spin Stix BX
*CC* Rez-Rod: Borg Assimilation Pole
*CC* Rez-Rod: Takarian Crystal Pole
*CC* Rez-Rod: Centaurian Garden Pole
*CC* Rez-Rod: 'Meta Flora' Floral Bouquet

-Droid Gifts (from gift giver droids)
*CC* Droid Gift: Space Suit Outfit (lamda)
*CC* Droid Gift: Cloud-Burst Umbrella (beta)
*CC* Droid Gift: Womens Cloud Hopper Boot Set (zeta)
*CC* Droid Gift: Mens Cloud Hopper Boot Set (iota)
*CC* Droid Gift: Holographic Planet Generation Ring (sigma)
*CC* Droid Gift: Silver Fishbone Emitter Ring (omikron)
*CC* Droid Gift: Silver Fishbone Poser Collar (delta)
*CC* Droid Gift: Copper Fishbone Emitter Ring (omega)
*CC* Droid Gift: Copper Fishbone Poser Collar (theta)
*CC* Droid Gift: Unicode Gestures Pack (epsilon)
*CC* Droid Gift: Celestial Fish Tank Backpack (kappa)
*CC* Droid Gift: Misty Planet Hoop (gamma)
*CC* Droid Gift: Starry Fish Hoop (alpha)
*CC* Droid Gift: ColorChoice Fishing Tail & Ears Bx
*CC* Droid Gift: Black Fishing Tail & Ears Bx

Bounty Prize:
(CC) Non-Rod: M-16 Infantry Rifle

Contest Prizes:
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Golden Petals' Floral Trophy
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Silver Petals' Floral Trophy
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Copper Petals' Floral Trophy

(CC) Floral Bouquets (25 +8 exclusives)
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Wedding Tower' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Flowers 4 Cordy' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'All Dried Out' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Frilly Fuschia' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Lovely Lilac' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Fragrant Waves' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Citron Dawn' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Tulip Tower' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Pretty in Pink' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Stars & Stripes' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Celebration' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Sunny Breeze' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Twisted Blossom' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Sunshine Mellow' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Crazy Daisy' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Pollen Nation' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Petite Pretties' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez Rod: 'Callafragilistic' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez Rod: 'Vibrant Violet' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Lovers Lane' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Over da Hill' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Gothic Rose' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Rainbow Garden' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Royal Heather' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Harvest Sunrise' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Princess Petals' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Baby BlueBell' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Bashful Heart' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Puffs Aplenty' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Expialidocious' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Crimson Tide' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Sweet Honey' Floral Bouquet
(CC) Rez-Rod: 'Summer Sunset' Floral Bouquet

(CC)PG -Astro (25 total)
*CC* Astro Non-Rod: Neptune's Trident
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Sagitarius* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Cancer* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Aries* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Libra* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Aquarius* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Gemini* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Capricorn* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Pisces* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Scorpio* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Virgo* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Leo* Pole
*CC* Astro Rez-Rod: Celestial Zodiac *Taurus* Pole
*CC* Astro Fish: Jupiter Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Mars Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Mercury Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Saturn Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Earth Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Pluto Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Uranus Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Venus Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Neptune Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Sun Fish
*CC* Astro Fish: Comet Fish
*CC* Astro stuff: Misty Planet Hoop

(CC)PG -Techno (30 total)
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Tactical Phaser Rifle
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Ionic Celestial Sword
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Osmotic Celestial Sword
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Plasmic Celestial Sword
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Ionic Anti-Grav Baton
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Osmotic Anti-Grav Baton
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Deuterium Anti-Grav Baton
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Chaos Flight Reactor
*CC* Techno Non-Rod: Plasma Flight Reactor
*CC* Techno Rez-Rod: Triple Ripple Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Robot Packing Plant Pole
*CC* Techno Rod: Robot Assembly Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Osmotic Missile Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Plasma Torpedo Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Chaos Ripple Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Plasma Ripple Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Ionic Ripple Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Deuterium Ripple Rod
*CC* Techno Rod: Osmotic Ripple Rod
*CC* Techno Fish: Osmotic Displacement Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: Deuterium Generator Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: BioMedic Scanner Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: EctoPlasmic Turbine Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: Hydro Fusion Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: Binary Flux Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: Chaos Reactor Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: Plasma Torpedo Fish
*CC* Techno Fish: Ionic Torpedo Fish
*CC* Techno Stuff: Personal Hover Disc (wear)
*CC* Techno Stuff: Advanced Counter PADD

(CC)PG -Xeno (30)
*CC* Xeno Non-Rod: Unidentified Fishing Object-Shift
*CC* Xeno Non-Rod: Unidentified Fishing Object-Choice
*CC* Xeno Non-Rod: Spectrum Spin Stix BX (wear & touch)
*CC* Xeno Rez-Rod: Borg Assimilation Pole
*CC* Xeno Rez-Rod: Takarian Crystal Pole
*CC* Xeno Rez-Rod: Centaurian Garden Pole
*CC* Xeno Fish: Borg Koi
*CC* Xeno Fish: Borg Squid
*CC* Xeno Fish: Centaurian Octopus
*CC* Xeno Fish: Centaurian Newt
*CC* Xeno Fish: Takarian Lionfish
*CC* Xeno Fish: Takarian Manta
*CC* Xeno Fish: One Eye Open
*CC* Xeno Fish: Catch & Miss Scanner Droid-Silver
*CC* Xeno Fish: Catch & Miss Scanner Droid -Black
*CC* Xeno Fish: Fish Bombing Droid
*CC* Xeno Fish: ColorShift UFO's
*CC* Xeno Fish: ColorChoice UFO's
*CC* Xeno Fish: Interactive Hover Head Buddy
*CC* Xeno Fish: United Federation of Fishies
*CC* Xeno Fish: AirFish One
*CC* Xeno Fish: Celestial Airlines
*CC* Xeno Fish: Green Flying Fish
*CC* Xeno Fish: Orange Flying Fish
*CC* Xeno Fish: CC-Tech Flight Squadron
*CC* Xeno Stuff: Holographic Planet Generation Ring
*CC* SuperUltraRare Warp Core Rod by ItsJust
*CC* SuperUltraRare Galaxy Rod by ItsJust
(Alice Xue) Celestial Dragonfish
(Alice Xue) Cloud Hopper Dragonfish

(CC)PG -Gadgets (25)
(CC) Gadgets: Metal Fish Tank Backpack
(CC) Gadgets: Bamboo Fish Tank Backpack
(CC) Gadgets: Fishin' to the Oldies Pole
(CC) Gadgets: Fishin' to the 80's Pole
(CC) Gadgets: Fishin' to the 90's Pole
(CC) Gadgets: Compact Disc Fish
(CC) Gadgets: ClockWork Brass
(CC) Gadgets: ClockWork Steelhead
(CC) Gadgets: Silver Dancer Fish
(CC) Gadgets: Gold Dancer Fish
(CC) Gadgets: Copper Fishbone Poser Collar
(CC) Gadgets: Silver Fishbone Poser Collar
(CC) Gadgets: Copper Fishbone Emitter Ring
(CC) Gadgets: Silver Fishbone Emitter Ring
(CC) Gadgets: Fishing For Dummies Set
(CC) Gadgets: Insult Emitter Bx (adult)
(CC) Gadgets: Action Emitter Bx
(CC) Gadgets: Lovers Emitter Bx
(CC) Gadgets: Omega Emitter Bx
(CC) Gadgets: Neko Emitter Bx
(CC) Gadgets: Vector Interactor Bx
(CC) Gadgets: Dirty Talker Deluxe BX (adult)
(CC) Gadgets: Touch-Me Tushy BX (adult)
(CC) Gadgets: Rainbow Arm Hula Hoop Set
(CC) Gadgets: Cloud-Burst Umbrella

(CC)PG -Funnies: (30)
(CC) Funnies Fish: Happy Seagull (drops a surprise)
(CC) Funnies Fish: Annoying Newt
(CC) Funnies Fish: Crab Cake
(CC) Funnies Fish: Discarded Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: LOL Jellyfish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Gold Plated Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Turtle Wax
(CC) Funnies Fish: Pineapple Upsidedown Koi
(CC) Funnies Fish: IOU Oyster
(CC) Funnies Fish: Yellow Spring Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Blue Spring Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Rainbow Spring Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Birthday Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: GoldFish Bowl (comments in chat)
(CC) Funnies Fish: Floating Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: New Swordfish (change color on command)
(CC) Funnies Fish: Blue Formula Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Red Formula Fish
(CC) Funnies Fish: Bonefish Quartet (poofs on command)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Deluxe Whack A Fish! (mace)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Deluxe Slice A Fish! (sword)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Stab A Fish! (spear)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Slice A Fish! (katana)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Filet A Fish! (crescent)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Hook A Fish! (grapple)
(CC) Funnies Rod: Shoot'em Up Shotgun
(CC & AFC) Fancy Fishing Hat- 'Phantom Mouse'
(CC) Funnies Stuff: CC TNT Hat
(CC) Funnies Stuff: Bubble Bowl Hat
(CC) Funnies Stuff: LOL Rock (rez on ground)

(CC)PG -Tropics: (30)
(CC) Tropics Fish: Colorful Crabby
(CC) Tropics Fish: Watchful Octopus
(CC) Tropics Fish: Cast-Masters Fish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Magma Jellyfish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Goo Jellyfish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Citrus Jellyfish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Slime Jellyfish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Tidal Jellyfish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Trunk Fish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Pastel Seashell
(CC) Tropics Fish: Anchor Fish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Parrot-Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) Tropics Fish: Tropical Fish (touch for drink menu)
(CC) Tropics Fish: Colorshift Flipping Dolphin
(CC) Tropics Fish: Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
(CC) Tropics Fish: Sail-Fish
(CC) Tropics Fish: Canoeing Carp
(CC) Tropics Fish: Baby Turtle Train
(CC) Tropics Fish: Movin' Upstream (comments in chat)
(CC) Tropics Rod: Rod of the Gods Count-Rod
(CC) Tropics Rod: Tiki Beach Rez-Rod
(CC) Tropics Rod: Neon Beach Rez-Rod
(CC) Tropics Rod: Fire Spin Spears Bx Set
(CC) Tropics Stuff: Starfruit Buddy (poofs on command)
(CC) Tropics Stuff: Bathing Suit Collection Bx (set of 6)
(CC) Tropics Stuff: Fish Tank Backpack
(CC) Tropics Stuff: Floral Fountain Cap (tracks casts)
(CC) Tropics Stuff: Calamari Counting Cap (tracks casts)
(CC & HH) Tropics Stuff: Casting SeaHag Hat
(CC) Tropics Stuff: Sushi Delite Hat

(CC)PG -Classics: (30)
(CC) Classics Fish: Emerald Goldfish
(CC) Classics Fish: Topaz Goldfish
(CC) Classics Fish: Sapphire Goldfish
(CC) Classics Fish: Amethyst Goldfish
(CC) Classics Fish: Goldfish Rainbow
(CC) Classics Fish: Dead Man Fishin
(CC) Classics Fish: Black Lagoon Fish (particle emitter)
(CC) Classics Fish: Silver Bling Squid
(CC) Classics Fish: Rainbow Koi (changes colors)
(CC) Classics Fish: Phantom Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Swamp Fish (comments in chat)
(CC) Classics Fish: Oreo Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Spam Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Fortune Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Tuna in Spring Water (dolphin safe)
(CC) Classics Fish: Fishy Flambe (particle fire)
(CC) Classics Fish: Amethyst Heart Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Sapphire Heart Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Emerald Heart Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Ruby Heart Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Chain of Love
(CC) Classics Fish: Shifty Heart Fish
(CC) Classics Fish: Poof & Go Fish (particle emitter)
(CC) Classics Fish: New Card Shark (opal bling on teeth)
(CC) Classics Rod: Whack A Fish! (club)
(CC) Classics Rod: Butterfly Net
(CC) Classics Stuff: Sleeps With The Fishies Jammies
(CC) Classics Stuff: Samurai Koi Hat
(CC) Classics Stuff: Angel-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)
(CC) Classics Stuff: Devil-Fish Buddy (comments in chat)

NonRods: (25 total)
(CC) Non-Rod: Ribbon Spin Stix BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Neon Spin Batons BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Rainbow Triple Hula Hoop
(CC) Non-Rod: Praying for Fishies
(CC) Non-Rod: Jumbo Butterfly Net
(CC) Non-Rod: Ionic Flight Reactor
(CC) Non-Rod: Magic Pagoda Tank
(CC) Non-Rod: Aqua Attack Axe
(CC) Non-Rod: Sir FishAlots Lance
(CC) Non-Rod: Sushi Snatching Claws BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Sea Serpent Sword
(CC) Non-Rod: Double Dip Daggers BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Barracuda Bashing Bat
(CC) Non-Rod: Fairy Flight Wand
(CC) Non-Rod: Gold Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Green Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Blue Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Purple Unidentified Fishing Object
(CC) Non-Rod: Golden Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: ColorShift Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Grey Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Spotted Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Tabby Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Red/Blk Fishing Tail & Ears BX
(CC) Non-Rod: Calico Fishing Tail & Ears BX

Gestures: (70 total)
(CC) Gesture: Kitten
(CC) Gesture: Yeehaa
(CC) Gesture: Again
(CC) Gesture: one800
(CC) Gesture: CuteButt
(CC) Gesture: hellyeah
(CC) Gesture: HELLO
(CC) Gesture: LOLtaz
(CC) Gesture: Pentagram
(CC) Gesture: Bad
(CC) Gesture: DontLike
(CC) Gesture: Horse
(CC) Gesture: Leaf
(CC) Gesture: MadCat
(CC) Gesture: Polly
(CC) Gesture: Rockin
(CC) Gesture: Snail
(CC) Gesture: Snoopy
(CC) Gesture: Tree
(CC) Gesture: Wiggle
(CC) Gesture: Batty
(CC) Gesture: Frisky
(CC) Gesture: Hooo
(CC) Gesture: Howlz
(CC) Gesture: Late
(CC) Gesture: Lol3d
(CC) Gesture: Pig
(CC) Gesture: Shake
(CC) Gesture: Thumb
(CC) Gesture: Vamp
(CC) Gesture: Beer
(CC) Gesture: Bobcat
(CC) Gesture: Bunnylove
(CC) Gesture: GoodbyeTruck
(CC) Gesture: LittleFella
(CC) Gesture: LOLloud
(CC) Gesture: Outtahere
(CC) Gesture: Puppylove
(CC) Gesture: Riff
(CC) Gesture: Sexy
(CC) Gesture: Skull
(CC) Gesture: Come
(CC) Gesture: Haha
(CC) Gesture: HelpMouse
(CC) Gesture: Love
(CC) Gesture: Purz
(CC) Gesture: TheShit
(CC) Gesture: Waiting
(CC) Gesture: Wtfisthat
(CC) Gesture: Goodbyef
(CC) Gesture: T&A
(CC) Gesture: Badgirl
(CC) Gesture: Deadcat
(CC) Gesture: Dragon
(CC) Gesture: Fallen
(CC) Gesture: FuX2
(CC) Gesture: Guitar
(CC) Gesture: Hide
(CC) Gesture: Moose
(CC) Gesture: Teddy
(CC) Gesture: Wassup
(CC) Gesture: Weee!
(CC) Gesture: Wolfie
(CC) Gesture: Addicted
(CC) Gesture: Frog
(CC) Gesture: Shark
(CC) Gesture: Whale
(CC) Gesture: Whopper
(CC) Gesture: Win
(CC) Gesture: Wow

Neko: (55 total)
(CC) Neko: Black Paw Print Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: Black Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: Black Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Chained Dance Paws BX
(CC) Neko: Black Frisky Feet Bx
(CC) Neko: Black Kitty KickAss Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: Black Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: Fancy Black Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Touch-Me Particle Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Black Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Black BiteMe Bangles Bx
(CC) Neko: Red KickAss Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: Red Dance Paws Bx
(CC) Neko: Red Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: Red BiteMe Bangles Bx
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Touch-Me Particle Tail
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Red/Blk Fancy Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Fancy Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Calico Dance Paws Bx
(CC) Neko: Calico Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: Calico Frisky Feet Bx
(CC) Neko: Tabby Fancy Touch Me Tail
(CC) Neko: Tabby Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: Tabby Frisky Feet BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Purrific Ears BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Dance Paws BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Emitter Ring
(CC) Neko: Tabby BiteMe Bangles BX
(CC) Neko: Tabby Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: Tabby Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Fish Emitter Ring
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Chained Touch-Me Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Fishing Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Fancy Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Dance Paws Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice KickAss Boots Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Touch-Me Particle Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Fish Emitter Ring
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Fancy Tail
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Paw Collar
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Purrific Ears Bx
(CC) Neko: ColorShift Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: Copper Goodie Bag
(CC) Neko: Kitty Whiskers Attatchment
(CC) Neko: ColorChoice Touch-Me Skirts BX
(CC) Neko Fish: King Catfish

-fashion & discontinued are inside Trivia Game
Fashion (25 outfits)
(CC) Fashion: Skirted School Girl BX
(CC) Fashion: Warmagain Cardigan BX
(CC) Fashion: Vested Cherry BX
(CC) Fashion: Summer Star BX
(CC) Fashion: Skully G.I. BX
(CC) Fashion: Rockin Plaid BX
(CC) Fashion: Kicken Casual BX
(CC) Fashion: Kickin Purplex BX
(CC) Fashion: Lil Miss Khaki BX
(CC) Fashion: Love Me Mesh BX
(CC) Fashion: Lovely N Leather BX
(CC) Fashion: Mucho Mesh BX
(CC) Fashion: Pretty Punk'd BX
(CC) Fashion: Hotty Warm Up BX
(CC) Fashion: Gothic Skully BX
(CC) Fashion: Garden Fairy BX
(CC) Fashion: Flowered Lilly BX
(CC) Fashion: Felisha's Finest BX
(CC) Fashion: Feeling Blue & Tease Lingerie BX
(CC) Fashion: Estella's Flare BX
(CC) Fashion: Criss Cross BX
(CC) Fashion: Black Label Boots
(CC) Fashion: Betty Black BX
(CC) Fashion: Army Girl BX
(CC) Fashion: Alley Cat BX

Discontinued (25 total)
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Purple Flying Fish
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Orange UFO's Fish
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Silver UFO's Fish
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Calico Koi
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Fish & Ships Fish
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Psychedelic Diving Dolphin
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Diamond Celestial Fisher Trophy
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Platinum Celestial Fisher Trophy
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Steel Celestial Fisher Trophy
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Nebula Star Armband Set
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Celestial Silks Outfit
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Dive & Salvage Suit
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Beach Towel Collection Bx (set of 7)
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Jade Necklace (wear and type 'lolz')
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: TortoiseShell Glasses
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Water Nymph Outfit
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Holographic Fish Generation Ring
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Customs Creator Cap
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Ladies FishNet Bx
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Green Meanie Beanie
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Dolphin Tatoo
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Koi Tatoo
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Tuna Can Roller Skate Set
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Typing Dinner Plate (wear)
(CC) Discontinued Stuff: Typing Dessert Plate (wear)

http://slurl.com/secondlife/VIRTUAL%20I ... 166/145/21
Come catch my new customs at CC's Fish Factory http://slurl.com/secondlife/Symbiotic/36/141/25
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