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DJ Tupelo is Back & More Horses!!!

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2010, 00:04
by Pilly Rae
DJ Tupelo is BACK!! 2 CHANCES TO WIN A HORSE -NEW TO FISHING - ALL GEAR SOLD ON DOCK!! Saturday 2:10 PM pm 60 min, 500L split between top 3, 4th+5th get a Bucket of Bait. TODAY Grand Prize and 2nd Get a Horse!!! 3rd Prize gets Breedable Fairy!! Top 3 get customized trophies made by Mazie. Leveling and 200+ points get dragon egg. Custom prizes made by Tolsen & Fawn. Lots to do- Trivia, Greedy, Uno, Guitar Hero, Dance Groove, Exploder....etc.